Florida – Best Schools

We all know how important education is and assuring that your child has the best education is one of the most important things you want to ensure. Especially since their education will ensure them a bright future and a possible scholarship for college. Not to mention, you don’t want your kids to struggle during school or classes. So of course anytime you’re switching their schools, you want to be sure the school you send them to is a decent school.

Sometimes it’s not always figuring what schools are good and which schools aren’t so good but I’m hoping this article with help with this problem. Even if you don’t choose any school from here, I do hope it will either give you a good head start or give you an idea of how to do a search yourself.

Pine View School
location: Osprey, FL
Grades: 2-12
This is an exceptionally good school and has many different grades of students. According to most reviews, the kids appear to enjoy the school and the ratings are good. The majority of parents and kids feel good with the atmosphere.

Parkway Middle School
location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Grades: 3-8
This public magnet school is a middle school in Fort Lauderdale and the rating are high. The school has 1228 students and it’s said to be a favorite among some of the students there. Both students and parents have, for the most part, enjoyed their experiences with this school and it’s definitely a good option.

Sunset Elementary School
location: South Miami, FL
Grades: Pk-5
This school is located in south Miami and is a good option for elementary school students. It has 1134 students and the ratings are impressive enough to please parents. Children seem to enjoy learning at this school too so you get the best of both worlds with this school.

Orlando Science Middle High Charter
location: Orlando, Fl
Grade: 6-12
This school is located Orlando and it is a great option for kids heading to middle school or high school. Most parents seem to be generally happy with their experiences with this school and say their kids are happy with this school. This is a good option for you to consider.

Great Schools Search
location: All
Grades: All
website: http://www.greatschools.org/florida/
This is an option where you search for the schools yourself and this is a good option if you want to do the searches yourself. I suggest trying this option no matter what you do since only you and your children know what is best.

There are only a few options listed here but there are quite a few good options out there when it comes to schools. I know some people are probably shocked to hear that but Florida does have some good options for schools out there. When looking at schools, look at the ratings and rankings, looking at the education success ratings and award received. If your child is into sports and activities, look into the sports and activities the school has to offer. Look at everything when searching into schools for your child or children.

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