Financial Assistance to Louisiana Salvation single moms

Financial asisstance to Louisiana Salvation single moms

The Transitional Housing Program is short term housing for families who were evicted and/or the currently homeless. Housing and the social services offered can provide families support, motivation and assist residents with obtaining permanent housing. Qualified residents for the short term transitional housing program are married couples with children or single mothers with children in Louisiana. All residents of the state who use this program must be aggressively seeking employment at the same time. The Transitional Housing Program is also designed to provide a safe environment to families, and provides residents the ability to build trustworthiness through demonstrating dependability, accountability, and responsibility.

Louisiana Salvation Army rental assistance – When funds are available, which is very limited, then rent may be paid due to a federal government FEMA grant. Rental programs have several conditions as noted here. Up to one month’s rent (not including late fees) may be paid to qualified clients only once every two years. Rent assistance is usually only offered twice per year. An extensive application process will be required too.

Electric bill assistance ” Money for utility bills (including summer air conditioning expenses) may be paid out by the Louisiana Salvation Army only one time a year. Funds are only paid out to someone with a disconnection notice. All applicants will also need to provide information on any other financial assistance they may be receiving. Financial assistance may also be provided for gas bills too. Once again funds are only paid out to people with a shut off notice.

Transportation ” On a very limited basis a volunteer may drive someone to a doctor appointment or a job interview in Louisiana. In some cases free gasoline or vouchers may be provided on a limited basis if the client needs gas for their car in order to make it to an interview.

Fire Victims who are referred by the American Red Cross can receive assistance with some appliances and furniture. Applicants must have an original form from the Red Cross in order to apply.

Food assistance ” A pantry and thrift store is available on site at most Salvation Army centers in Louisiana. In addition, the client may qualify to receive a food box up to one time within a 6 month period. The box may have fruits, vegetables, canned goods, or even baby formula, if applicable. Applicants will be required to provide any information on any other food or financial assistance that they may be receiving.

Clothing is offered. Applicants need to have a Social Security Number and picture Identification. Also the client may qualify to receive new or used clothing assistance only one time within a six- month period of time.

Holiday assistance and gifts ” Programs around Thanksgiving and Christmas involve the community in a direct way. Resources can allow the low income to become personally involved by sharing resources with those less fortunate in their community. The various holiday programs in Louisiana provide gifts of toys and new clothing to thousands of lower income children who otherwise might not have anything for Christmas. As an example of some of the resources, children who are recipients of Angel Tree gifts are from families who have applied for Christmas assistance through the Social Services program of The Louisiana Salvation Army.

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