Federal Daycare Assistance Program for Single Moms’ Children in California

Federal Daycare Assistance Program for Single Moms’ Children in California

Child safety is very essential especially for single mothers as this is their biggest responsibility. Having to balance between work and home and kids is very challenging for the single moms and finding the right and reasonably costing day care is equally important and difficult many a times. If you are trying to give a better life to your children, then it might really be very difficult if you do not save money. Day care is the biggest expense you can ever see when you have a growing child.
Many single moms might have tried multiple options of day care such as hiring a baby sitter, sending to day care for limited time or even for the whole day and many more. However, there are other kinds of affordable day care available which you can still explore and find the best one which suits your schedule. Federal Government offers excellent assistance to the California residents and allow the single moms to apply for grants to help beat the cost of sending their kids to an expensive day care.

Below is a list of Federal Daycare programs offered to single moms to help balance their work and financial needs along with providing safety for their children.
Head Start
This is a Federal program to support early childhood development as well as child education for single moms’ children. They provide educational assistance and day care options to single moms at a very reasonable price and subsidiary rates offered by the Federal Government. This is a non profit organization which offers excellent commitment to empower single mother families, in particular their children to have a better life and successful career. The opportunities that Head Start offers can help grow a stronger community in the future. They offer growth and development programs to improve the childhood community.

Child Tax credit
This organization offers funds for daycare. The program offers at the most $1,000 for the most qualifying single mom’s child. The criteria for the award solely depends on the annual income. With this program, your Federal income tax can be reduced by $1,000 max. However, a single mom needs to have children under 17 years of age. Other than this age criteria, they also consider relationship, citizenship, dependent, resident etc. The child should not be earning and be dependent on the parent. This program is valid only for US Citizens and Residents.

Access Program
Many of the secondary school campuses offer child care service programs inside their campuses. This is one of those access programs where a single mom can easily avail by filling out some forms and checking their eligibility. As this is offered by the Federal Government, there are strict guidelines followed before granting the assistance to the single moms. You also need to belong to the low income category and should be able to receive Pell Grant offered by the Federal Government.

This program, NCSEA or the National Child support Enforcement Agency offers child support services to single moms in California and many other states. If you are a single mom not receiving any other income for example, no child support or no other jobs, then NCSEA helps you pay for your child’s daycare. Besides this, they also offer professional development, medical, financial, public awareness, emotional help to single moms’ children.

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