Energy Assistance programs for single moms in Kansas

Energy Assistance programs for single moms in Kansas

Kansas HeatShare ” This assistance program provides cash grants and payments that can be used towards paying air conditioning and heating bills, and assistance can go towards paying natural gas, propane, electricity, heating fuel oil or wood bills throughout the state of Kansas. In addition, as funding allows, grants may also be available for paying for emergency repairs to air conditioners, furnaces, hot water heaters and other energy related and heating or cooling equipment. Financial assistance may also be available to pay for repairs to broken windows and doors. The elderly and disabled are given priority where funds are limited when applying for aid. Call 1-800-336-4547, or more on the Kansas Heatshare program.
Atmos Energy runs the Sharing the Warmth assistance program. This is a resource that combines both customer donations with donations from local individuals that can be used to help people pay their gas or utility bills. All donations will go directly to local people in need that meet criteria established by each individual program’s guidelines. Call your local community action agency or the Salvation Army to learn more or to apply for help.
Black Hills Energy – This is one of the main energy/natural gas providers in Kansas. Low income customers can apply for financial aid from programs run in partnership with the federal government (such as LIHEAP) and the Salvation Army. The company also has every conservation plans. Or just be sure to call for free information and also the possibility of entering into a payment plan. Read more. 
Emergency Energy Fund is a resource that provides up to $100 in financial assistance and cash grants, and applicants of the program and fund are eligible to receive help once every two years with paying their utility and energy bills.
Kansas City Power & Light ” An assistance program known as Dollar Aide may be able to help people in need pay their utility or energy bills year-round. It can help during the summer or during the winter. Money is available regardless of whether an individual uses propane, electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil to heat their home.

Kansas Gas Service ” The Share the Warmth assistance program can help the low income and working poor pay for energy and heating bills. The Salvation Army distributes emergency funds and aid to qualifying families. 

Kansas Gas – The energy company administers several other financial assistance programs and payment plans for low income customers. They include emergency aid, disconnection prevention, and more.

Low Income Assistance – Government and public funding is offered in Kansas. Grants can be used to pay for heating and energy bills, and free energy conservation measures can also be undertaken. Families faced with a disconnection, or who have very limited incomes, are given priority.

Pioneer Electric – Lower income customers in Kansas have other financial assistance programs and energy conservation resources available to them. Some rely on donations from the community, and others such as LIHEAP are funded by the government.

Summer cooling and air conditioning bills – During especially hot periods, the state of Kansas may use grants and funds from the LIHEAP – Low Income Energy Assistance Program in an effort to help families pay their energy bills. In particular it will allow seniors and families with young children to keep their homes cool.

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