Empowering Single Teenage Mothers Through Education

According to statistics, the number of women in Colorado remains higher as compared to men, however, women remain to be the most marginalized and especially when it comes to the education sector. This has led to an increase in the rate of poverty among many of them and especially the single teenage mothers who are unable to balance between their daily responsibilities and education demands. With the level of college fees and related expenses at an all time high, empowering women through scholarships and grants has been pointed as one of the surest ways in bridging the gap and helping them enjoy a better and empowered life.

For any single teenage mothers seeking to advance their education within the state of Colorado, many programs remain available and of which one could exploit to their advantage. It is however important to note that the level of competition for the available resources remain high and therefore not every application that you make will end up in favorable results. Applying for different scholarship programs is therefore advisable thus increasing your chances of getting the require resources that will help you realize your career dream. There are numerous federal government programs available to single mothers within the state as well as community based programs all of which are open to the residents of this expansive state.

To commence the search for a scholarship or grant program, one should first of all file Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is important as it is used to determine the eligibility of the scholarship and grant applicants for student financial aid. A host of programs federal scholarships and grants require one to have filed this form as it forms the basis on which the applicant’s financial needs are determined. Once this application has been filled accurately, you can move to the next step in looking for the suitable scholarships for single teenage mothers from the state.

As a resident of Colorado, one of the good programs to look out for is Pell Grant which is a need-based grant program. Anyone can benefit from this program and as a single mother, you stand a chance of getting your application approved as the government aims at helping you build you future and that of your child. You can also check with the Colorado’s Department of Higher Education from where undergraduate and graduate students always get the required grants among other forms of assistance. You will however need to have enrolled in a resident college already before seeking for these different types of grants.

Scholarships for single teenage mothers are also available in form of merit-based grants which you can get from a number of colleges within the state. Although these grants are not specifically set aside for single teenage mothers, single mothers can successfully apply for them and get their applications approved in case they have a record of excellent performance. One such grant is the Academic Competitiveness Grant which is offered to those who have already been awarded Pell Grant. Though the amount given is not very high, freshman students and second year students will benefit from $750 and $1300 respectively.  If you intend to major on subjects such as engineering, technology, math or science, this program could benefit you if your application is approved.

Another fertile ground for single teenage mothers is the National SMART Grant which is available to undergraduates who are in their 3rd and 4th year.  Juniors and seniors who wish to continue with their studies in science subjects could benefit from an annual grant award valued at $4000.

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