Employment Assistance and Opportunities for Single Mothers

Employment Assistance and Opportunities for Single Mothers in USA

A report released by a couple of research associates from the Graduate Center City University, New York, researching at the Luxembourg Income Study Center, says that a majority of the single mothers in the United States of America, rendered single due to various reasons such as divorce, widowed, or separated, work more hours than single mothers in similar high economy countries, and yet face higher poverty levels. This report was released in 2012, and since then there have been various drastic changes that have taken place, mainly the avenues of employment/career development assistance offered to single mothers.
Jobs for Single Moms:
Single mothers are faced with twice the amount of obligations that a two parent family shares, maybe even more. And you must remember that the income is drastically cut. The Federal Government does provide assistance for single moms, but it must be kept in mind that the Government itself is in a financial quandary and that for such a remuneration to reach the mother, it may take a lot of time. This is one main reason why career development assistance is increasingly being offered by aristocratic groups. One of the best avenues in which single mothers can pursue employment is healthcare, where there are plenty of flexible working schedules. Single mothers in Florida and such coastal states have plenty of openings.
Simple rewarding careers:
The healthcare industry is constantly in need for trained and untrained professionals. And women, being natural caretakers have an inherent taking for this job. With a few basic qualifications and some initial training, mothers can equip themselves to become a nurse, physician’s assistant, health care assistant, etc. A good thing about these kinds of jobs is that since health care necessities exist throughout the day, working in shifts is possible. Hospitals, clinics, nursing care facilities, etc are excellent places where such jobs are available. It is mandatory that many of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree from a medical school or a nursing college. But many single mothers could join themselves in an associate degree course and find such jobs quickly. And like all other jobs, as experience grows, you can progress in these jobs quickly.
The medicine industry has many other well paying opportunities for those single mothers who feel uncomfortable in the clinical environment present in hospitals. For this reason, many non clinical jobs, such as medical coding, athletic training, rehabilitation counseling, medical social work, medical transcription, etc are present. These jobs can be done from the convenience of a home. But a some of them do not have flexible shifts like in clinic jobs. Also, they are a very valuable source of income. It is observed that such working women, when they get enough experience and job technique, go on to bag high positions in the field such as health educator, mental health counselor, health information technician, healthcare administrator, medical secretary, medical equipment technician, etc. These positions are prime ones, and they offer a steady source of income. Many organizations provide career assistance and utilizing them to their best does well.

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