Eligibility criteria for Government help for single moms

Looking for online source of income or home based work? In addition to so many groups of people as students, disables and low income category workers; another group that is most deserving and in need is the single moms.

Government Money Although it’s good to look around but here is some advice about the Govt help for single moms. If you are a single mom and you are raising up your child all alone without any help from any other source of income you may be eligible to find the grant. Your child must not be heir of any property from any source.

You must not be taking any other grant for child. You are not getting any pension from the state. You have no common-law partner right now. You are not receiving any disability funds. You are not eligible for pension. And last but not the least that your current income is below the level as stated by the law.

Govt help for single moms or the single parent makes one to be able to raise the child at a humanity level and it needs that child is living with the single mom not under the custody of day care center or the foster parent.

If you fulfill all the above criteria then go to straight away to city hall take the form for the Govt help for single moms and submit it with all the necessary and truthful information to get the positive response.

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