Education Horrors for Single Mothers

Every parent’s dream is to see their daughters get educated and become respectable women in the society. What if this doesn’t turn out as planned? Instead, she becomes a mother, to make it worse a single mother with no work experience and education. Life sometimes doesn’t agree with our plans and we end up falling in a deeper ditch that’s so hard for us to come out of, but despite this we single women must strive to achieve our education dreams, be steadfast and able to stand all trials that come forth. Here many single mothers try to pursue education at great lengths so, that maybe in future they can get better jobs to sustain them and their children. However, despite all this there are challenges that come with it. Below I have listed some of this awful horrors that affect the education of single mothers in our society.

Poor concentration.
A single mother when studying or doing some reading usually doesn’t reach that 100% concentration mark. This is because she has other pressing matters in her mind like, what should her children eat for supper, how to pay this and next month’s bill, among other such scenarios. This will automatically lead to poor grades making them feel like they should quit school.

Limited time.
When taking more than two roles in your life, such as being a mother, a family breadwinner and a student at the same time, is a very difficult undertaking. This is one of the major problems that single women are faced with. They have limitations of time both for school work and family. This also lowers their academic performances.

High college tuition fees.
This is a general factor as to why so many single women do not pursue higher education, most colleges have set up high tuition fees, which they cannot be able to cover. So, many women opt not to or even some drop out from pursuing higher education since they feel that their children can benefit a lot from the money, they will be paying towards college.

Lack of scholarships.
Scholarships aren’t readily available, people scramble for them and mostly it is the best who end up getting them. Most single mothers, do not have adequate grades for them to get scholarships yet they do qualify for college. This is a horror for them considering the fact that college fees are high, mostly they end up staying at home conducting their casual daily activities.

Student discrimination.
This is a major trend in colleges whereby, students do not perceive single mothers as students, but as mothers hence, they do not relate well with them making single women feel unwanted, resulting to end of their college life as some decide to quit.

All of these are just few horrors that a single mom go through, trying to pursue college education

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