Disaster Relief and Help for Single Mothers

Disaster Relief and Help for Single Mothers in USA

The effects of a disaster on single mothers was extensively researched upon and documented during the Hurricane Katrina, that hit and flooded the city of New Orleans where a large amount of number crunching took place. Statistics were dished out hour over hour and research was done on the effects of disaster on the psychological aspects of single parents. It was seen that single mothers were more affected by the psychological effects of the disaster than a single father. It was also noticed that the prospect of a looming future involving lot of responsibilities that needed to be handled alone made a huge difference in the psychological stability of single mothers. In this article, we shall consider the effect of Hurricane Katrina, in the state of Louisiana, in the year 2005. Disaster relief measures are mandatory.
Single mother headed families and disaster:
Statistics report that in 2006, 13.6 million single parents were involved in raising 21.2 million children in the United States of America. It is notable that, among these single parents, 84% were single mothers and 16% were single fathers. There was a 77% increase in the number of single mothers between a span of 10 years. Among these single women, 47% of them were below the poverty line. It is also reported that they live off on lesser than $20,000 a year.
The city of New Orleans was taken into special consideration for this case because more than half the families in the city are headed by single mothers. More than 41% of these families had income below the poverty line. Hurricane Katrina initially displaced more than 1 million families. Many families never came back due to various factors such as economic instability, childcare responsibilities and lack of transport. The number of single mother headed families in New Orleans dropped by 83%, which is a huge cut. This effectively conveys the statement that single mother headed families were not prepared and ready to face the effects of the disaster. It is highly noteworthy that many doctorate students submitted theses explaining possible reasons for this behavior. Very few, however, suggested remedial measures to rectify it.
Overcoming disaster:
The above example considers an example of a natural disaster for the purpose of statistics and psychology. Generally, disaster may strike in various forms, unexpected illness, financial loss; unexpected requirements at work, etc. come under disaster. The best method to overcome this is fortifying you psychologically. It would do great help to share with a friend, and get consoled. Disasters are inevitable. Going ahead with a smooth mechanical life will not add any spice to it. Facing disasters and overcoming them can lead to better future. When such natural disasters occur, like Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Government took various remuneration steps in the aftermath of the disaster. Help would always be at hand when you face disaster. Let your children and their future motivate you to rise up to your problems and fight. It may be difficult to overcome certain losses. But if careful thinking is done, you can find out much recourse to avoid disaster. There are few other methods of disaster relief which you can easily practice to avoid disasters.

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