Disability Assistance for Single Mothers

Disability Assistance for Single Mothers in USA

Being a single mother can mean facing a lot of hardships. Additionally, being disabled could lead to much more difficulties and much more determination. There are many examples of disabled single mothers shining through all their difficulties and rising up. Your main requirement would be financial information, but sourcing it would prove hard. One of the main problems which rack the minds of disabled single mothers is the hardship in supporting their children. Children are a totally different concept all together because raising them and establishing a solid future for them should not be hampered by your disability. Fortunately, disability assistance is just a hand’s reach away and can be availed whenever you need.
Benefits for children of disabled single mothers:
The federal government of the United States of America provides a Supplemental Security Income, or most commonly known as SSI, for the individual who has been disabled. Unfortunately any dependants of the disabled individual are not entitled to receive any remuneration under SSI. For this reason, the future of the children of single disabled mothers looks bleak. The situation took a turn when the Government announced that minor children with a single disabled parent, currently receiving the benefits of SSI, could qualify for the State Assistance, by approaching the Social Services Office. In the state of Wisconsin, It is called Caretaker Supplement. The benefit offers $250 for the first child and $150 thereafter, per month. Likewise, certain disabled single mothers, may be receiving the Social Security Disability Insurance, in short, SSD. Children of such individuals are entitled to receive an auxiliary benefit.
These offers have got nothing to do with hiring lawyers and appealing in courts. In fact, a general enquiry at your nearest local welfare office would give you all this information about the possible benefits your children could get. Your life, as well as your child’s would be secure.
Employment for disabled single mothers:
Employment can pose another problem, as the state benefits offered to disabled individuals may not adequately cover the requirements of running a family. Depending on the what type of disability, there are ample numbers of jobs that could be done within your home, and all they need is a telephone and an internet connection. There are many counseling call centers which offer counseling to disturbed and depressed children and you could be a part of them. You could master the job with some initial training and go on to ace the job. There are also other jobs such as call center outsourcing, which needs you to only keep talking all day long, clearing the client’s questions. You could also undertake freelance article typing as the job is highly in demand. Working for the healthcare industry by maintaining accounts, patient history, typing out medical transcripts, etc take very little experience to master and provide a constant source of income as such jobs are always in need.
Disability can be a huge obstacle to cross, but disability assistance is very easy to obtain within the United States of America. Your life could go ahead without any hurdle or pain through proper management.

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