DCAP assistance offered by Minnesota and Federal Government

DCAP assistance offered by Minnesota and Federal Government

The Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) permits you to take a pretax derivation for qualified ward consideration costs from your pay. You spare cash on the grounds that you don’t pay salary charge on the measure of your derivations. You can utilize DCAP as opposed to taking the Child and Dependent Care Credit when you document your expense form.

How DCAP Works
The University sends your DCAP payroll finding to your DCAP account which is regulated by Flex-Plan Services, Inc. our outsider executive. You pay ward forethought costs out of pocket and afterward you ask for repayment from your DCAP account by submitting a repayment case structure to Flex-Plan Services.
You may see your offset and record movement on the Flex-Plan Services site by going to Account Login. Keeping in mind the end goal to get to your record, you will need to make a login and secret key. In the event that you decide to partake in the DCAP program, it is imperative that you assess your ward administer to the impending year painstakingly, and that you get reimbursable administrations by December 31 of the year in which you take an interest in the system. Any finances that stay in your record for a given year are relinquish to the State of Washington if Flex-Plan Services has not gotten your repayment guarantee by March 31 of the year after which you caused qualified costs.

All UW representatives who are qualified for PEBB profits are additionally qualified to take an interest in the DCAP project aside from:
•students whose salary is absolved from FICA
•alien outsiders who get no U.s.-source earned pay
•any wedded representative whose companion does not get compensation

How to enrol?
You may select in the DCAP program:
•Inside 31 days of occupation on the off chance that you are another representative,
•Amid the yearly open selection in November every year (for a January 1 powerful date), or
•At the point when there is a qualified change in family status, for example, marriage separation or legitimate detachment, passing of a companion or ward, conception or reception of a youngster or expansion of a reliant to your family unit, end of vocation of your companion, vocation of your long ago unemployed mate, or a considerable change in your working hours or in your companion’s working hours.

Selection Requirements
Current arrangement members MUST re-select in the arrangement every year with a specific end goal to proceed with interest. Open Enrollment is held amid the month of November every year before January 1 of the accompanying year, the date when the DCAP goes live.
New contractors who wish to enlist in a DCAP account must do so inside 31 days from date of contract. Cooperation gets to be successful the first day of the month after receipt of the legitimately finished selection structure.
Current University employees encountering a qualifying life occasion may select in a DCAP account inside 60 days from date of the qualifying occasion. Support gets to be powerful the first day of the month after receipt of the legitimately finished selection structure.

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