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Whether you’re volunteering to keep busy or to help out the community, volunteering is a good alternative to spending all your free time on the internet or watching television when the kids are at school. Now I’m not saying that’s all bad but when you volunteer, you’re actually accomplishing something and freeing your mind from the daily stresses for awhile.

Dallas has a lot of volunteering opportunities and if you want to volunteer but don’t know where to start or where to go, hopefully this article will give you a good idea of what you can do and where to start.

Volunteer Match (www.volunteermatch.org)
With Volunteer Match, you put in what you care about and in advanced options, put in your zip code and keywords if you want specific volunteer work. This is a good way to search for volunteer work online, especially if you want to search for specific results. Either way, this is a good opportunity for you to search for exactly what volunteer work you want to search for.

American Red Cross (http://www.redcross.org/tx/dallas-fort-worth/volunteer)
American Red Cross is a legit company and it is known for always volunteering after every natural disaster to help victims cope with their losses. You just go to the link and fill out an application and you’re hear from them sooner rather than later. They can always use volunteers so they would be open to new volunteers.

Volunteer Center of North Texas (http://www.volunteernorthtexas.org/volunteer/index.html)
This is another option that offers volunteering opportunities. It has different categories so you can choose a specific area to volunteer in, if that matter to you. This makes it easy to get people involved yet continue working for a cause that they love instead of something they’re not interested in. There are many opportunities and many categories and for that, this should be an option for you as well.

SPCA of Texas (http://www.spca.org/page.aspx?pid=198)
So you’re an animal lover and you want something to do with animals. I think this is a good option for you and something you might actually enjoy. You just sign up for an account, fill out the volunteer application. There is a $35 dollar fee that covers aprons, badges, the background check and all that stuff but it is a onetime fee, along with a fee form.

Dog Kitty City No Kill Shelter (http://www.dognkittycity.org/volunteers/volunteer-opportunities.html)
This is another good option for animal lovers. Now to apply for this volunteering opportunity, you do have to show up in person for the orientations but you can fill out the application online. There are requirements for this one but they’re not too unreasonable and they do have an email if you have any questions and concerns for them about their requirements.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity (http://www.dallasareahabitat.org/web/guest/volunteer)
Now I will admit, I didn’t explore this site a whole lot but this appears to be a good option as well. They have options for individual volunteering and group volunteering, and there are different categories under those options. This is a good opportunity to get involved with the community and help out during your free time.

There are many more options you can find by doing a quick search through Google or your preferred search engine but there options are ones to certainly consider when thinking about doing some volunteer work. Remember, when you volunteer, you’re helping out the community and you’re helping yourself as well.

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