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It’s hard enough keeping up with your duties at home when you’re a single parents but it’s twice as hard when you don’t have a car. Especially if you have Doctor’s appointments and work, and other places you need to get to. Unfortunately money is tight right now and you just can’t afford to get a car right now. Fortunately you’re in luck because there are ways you can get rides whether it’s public or otherwise.

Let’s go over the options Dallas has for you and see if any of these options will work for you and your needs . Hopefully these choices can at least give you an idea of what to look for when and if you continue to look for options.

The obvious option: Dart transit bus
Now you know I can’t have a list without including the Dart public transportation. Now I know a bus is not the ideal choice but it is an option and it’s probably the easiest choice. The transit system can take you mostly anywhere you need to go and the price isn’t as terrible as some of your alternative choices. It’s definitely not the worst option but it might not be the most ideal if you have kids who tend to cry a lot, although I’m sure people on the transit are used to things like this.

Another Obvious: Trinity Railway Express
Now Technically this is a part of the Dart Transit system but I decided to give it category of its own since you don’t have to take a bus necessarily to take a train, though most people do. Now don’t get me wrong, some locations will require you to take both but not everywhere will and I hear people say they’re more comfortable with the train than they with the bus.

Medical: The Medical Transportation Program (MTP)
This is a programs that arranges for you to go to doctor’s appointments, pick up prescriptions, or to go to any medical related service. With appointments, you need to call at least two days and advanced to schedule for a pick up. You can schedule to go to any appointment within your county or in most nearby counties.

For Senior Garland Residents: Garland Office of Senior Affairs
Now I know this isn’t exactly in Dallas but since Dallas is close, I decided to include it in the list. This program is for seniors and it is designed to help seniors get around. Now I will confess I haven’t explored this option too much but I do know it is a legit option and something for older folks to consider for themselves.

Another Obvious: Taxi
Now this is another obvious but it is an option despite the prices. Taxis will take you where ever you need to go so that is what the taxi has going for it. What it does have going against it is it can get pricey and end up costing you a lot of money you just don’t have so if you do choose this option, choose it wisely and only use the taxi for close areas or nearby areas.

Aside from the options I listed, you can look in the yellow pages or if you don’t have a phone book, you can look on the yellow pages website. Whichever option you choose or if none at all, hopefully this article at least guides you in what you should be looking for.

Helpful Links:

MTP: https://www.dshs.state.tx.us/cshcn/mtp.shtm
Texas Health and Human Services information about rides: http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/QuickAnswers/GetRide_FAQs.shtml
Community transportation Network: http://www.ccgd.org/seniors/transportation.html

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