Dallas, TX – Retirement

So you finally made it all the way to retirement and you’re ready to settle down in a retirement community. Firstly, congratulations for making it this far without giving up and secondly, you deserve a more comfortable place. Let’s be clear, retirement communities are not meant to treat you less, in fact, the majority of them are designed just like apartments except they’re meant for seniors. They’re designed to make life a little more comfortable for seniors and unless you’re a disabled senior in a special type of home, you won’t be restricted any.

Now since that’s out of the way, let’s move on to looking at your options for retirement communities and homes. I won’t give you a whole list but I will give you a couple that I have actually read reviews from people or I’ve actually talked to people who have actually been at these places.

website: http://www.edgemeredallas.com/
Now this place is designed like a resort and while I admit, I didn’t get an update on the price, this is something Dallas seniors will want to consider. They have information, photo galleries, and ways to contact them on their website.

Highland Springs
website: http://www.ericksonliving.com/dallas/dallas-senior-living.asp
Now I will admit, the person I heard from about this place, I’ve only spoke to a few times so I don’t know them personally. You can take that for whatever it’s worth but from what they say, they enjoy their life here. You can explore the website and contact them with any questions you may have, and decide if it’s the place for you.

Meadowstone Place
website: http://www.seniorhomes.com/f/tx/meadowstone-place-dallas/
This is one website I actually read the reviews for and it has five stars. The amenities and available services it offers are appealing and would more than likely appeal to seniors as well. You can request information for free if you’re interested in this place and if it keeps your interest, you can call with any questions or concerns you may have about this place.

website: http://www.seniorhomes.com/c/tx/dallas/retirement-communities/
Now instead of me telling you what might be good for you, this site provides search results so you can put in your locations yourself and read the reviews for yourself. This way you can decide what is best for you instead of having someone else tell you what is good for you.

Senior living Dallas
website: http://spectrumprop.com/senior-living/
Now this website was one I came across and the place in Dallas is one I listed already but the other two places are properties of theirs too. If you have any questions about Meadowstone or any of their properties, this website is the best place to go and their number is the best number to call. This is good for anyone who lives in Plano or Bedford, TX as well.

Buckner Village
website: http://www.bucknervillage.org/
This is a place I always see advertisements about and from what I read, it’s a nice place to require at. They offer duplexes, townhomes, patio homes, freestanding homes or whatever else fits your preference. I will confess I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about them but I have always heard good things about them.

Hopefully some of these options will give you a good idea of what to look for, even if you don’t use any of these options. Good luck with your search and congratulations in making it to retirement in a day and age where that is hard to do.

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