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Are you a single mother who’s the only one caring for your child but for some reason the father decided to fight for him or her? Are you now involved in a child custody case but at a loss of how to handle this? Are you scared about the possible outcome?

It’s natural to be scared and when times changing and courts being so unpredictable, I can’t blame you but don’t panic yet. You do have options and you do have a chance at winning so let’s not predict what will happen before it happens. Now you could either fight this alone or you could get a lawyer but your best bet is to get a child support lawyer because he knows the way this works.

The pros of getting a lawyer

Your lawyer has dealt with several cases like this before and he knows what you should and shouldn’t do or say. He’ll explain these things to you before court and help you get through this so you don’t help to go through it and make these mistakes.

The child custody lawyer knows the law and while you don’t need to know every law in the book, you do need to have an idea on what the law is in child custody so he can help you with this.

Child custody battles can be emotional and your lawyer can be a strong advocate for you. He can help you through this process and granted he is a lawyer, it is helpful to have someone who knows what they’re doing to be there despite not being family.

A lawyer can not only help with custody but they can help with temporary orders and child support. They can deal with a number of cases dealing with your child and explore your options with you if you decide you use him or her for more than one case.

Sometimes if you’re eligible, you can get a low cost or free representation with a lawyer. This is a good chance to ask questions about winning chances and the lawyer’s winning rates and if you can do it, it’s definitely worth checking into if nothing else. As long as you haven’t signed the contract yet, you’re not obligated to anything just yet.

The lawyer is objective and won’t appear to be favorable. Obviously your lawyer with be aiming to help you win but if you at least speak to a lawyer, they will tell you an honest opinion about your chances and their chances without posting any favorable view toward one party or the other at first at least.

If you’re bad with paperwork and deadlines, the lawyer can help you with the paperwork and remind you about deadlines. He and she will go over all the paperwork with you and help you with whatever forms you need help with no matter how difficult or easy they seem.

Whether or not you use a lawyer, think about the complexity of your case and how difficult it would really be. Not everyone needs one but if you’re not sure and you can find someone who will speak to you, you can at least inquire with him about it.

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