Connecticut – Volunteering for Single Mothers

With so many causes and disasters out there, it’s no wonder why anyone would want to consider volunteering. It helps the community but it also helps the state and the nation as a whole because you’re helping with saving on resources. Anytime we can help our nation save on anything is a good indication that we’re doing the right thing. It also helps you physically and mentally, and it can help our children, which is always good in every way, shape, and form. Luckily for you, Connecticut has its fair share of volunteer opportunities out there for you to consider and there’s no shortage in choices either.

Now knowing this and finding the opportunities can sometimes be time consuming and as a single mother, you only have a certain amount of time to spare. The last thing you need is added stress so I can certainly understand the frustrations you may or may not be feeling. With that being said, I will list a few choices you can consider volunteering for and perhaps you can involve your children in the process. Keep in mind the list will only contain some of the options available for you, not all, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not interested in any of these.

Hartford Hospital
This is a volunteering opportunity at the hospital and according to the website, it has over two hundred positions available. Between creative coaches that assist patients to process their experiences in a creative way to book cart volunteers who make rounds several times a week inpatient units and waiting rooms in the hospital, you have a variety of choices to choose from. If you have a passion for medical volunteering, the Hartford hospital has many opportunities for you to consider.

Connecticut Forest & Park Association: Volunteer Opportunities
This is an opportunity that helps the forest and park association, and their goal is assist in positions involving parks and forests. With this opportunity, you also have a few opportunities from positions like trail monitors to crew chiefs, to other positions. This gives you an opportunity to work with the outdoors and enjoy a bit of fresh air instead of being stuck inside if that is what you’re looking for.

Connecticut Humane Society Volunteer Program

This option is for animal lovers and is a great opportunity for those in the Newington, CT area. You can choose between volunteering at animal shelters, fostering pets in your home until they find a permanent home, and there’s even opportunities for students and groups. They also have a volunteer spotlight program and they always recognize every volunteer who helps out their cause and their program.

Connecticut Food Bank
Now food banks are an obvious choice but they strive to help fight hunger, which always makes them a good choice for people to consider. This is an opportunity you can involve your children in and on days you don’t have time to volunteer on, you can donate. Any information you might want or need is on the website so it’s a good idea to take a look at it and read through it. This specific food bank is in New Haven, CT but there are food banks all over and they all strive for the same thing.

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – Volunteer
This is another opportunity at a hospital but instead of a regular hospital, this is at a children’s hospital, also in Hartford, CT. According to the website, there are a variety of opportunities and service programs for you to choose from, and they can never have too many volunteers that are available to fit any schedule, any preference. Opportunities may include reading to children, hospitality services, clerk work, as well as many others you can choose between. This opportunity is good for making a child feel better when they are sick and/or unwell for one reason or another.

American Red Cross – Connecticut – Volunteer
The American Red Cross is another obvious choice but for a good reason and this volunteer opportunity is in Farmington, CT. Volunteer orientations are held monthly at convenient locations and it’s a great way to learn about programs and services, and how you can help, according to the site. There’s an adult program, a youth program, and a disaster boot camp program and you can choose as you see fit. The American Red Cross strives to help people in emergencies and it is known to do a good job at that job.

As I mentioned above, these are only a few options you can choose from so don’t throw your hands in the air just yet if you’re not interested in any of these. There are many opportunities out there and checking websites like volunteer match are suggested if you want more of a variety of choices. If you decide to use the search engine, put in your location or locations within driving distance. When you do this, it gives you options but it narrows the options down and makes it easier for you to choose. Don’t be afraid to ask around your community, schools, work, etc either. I’m confident by following these steps, you’ll find the perfect opportunity for you and perhaps for your children too.

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