Connecticut – Shelters for Single Mothers

 Sometimes as a single mother, you look for companionship and land yourself in a bad relationship that puts your child and you in danger. Other times, bills overwhelm you and everything gets behind which puts in on the verge of becoming homeless. Then there are the times where you’re doing decently but you have decided to adopt a pet for your children or yourself. In all three cases, you want to find a shelter and are having troubles finding one. Luckily for you, Connecticut has many shelters available for you no matter what type you’re looking for you.

Even with that being said, it doesn’t make you feel less stressed, especially when you still have to find these shelters. This is most definitely true when it’s for a serious reason like domestic abuse or on the verge of becoming homeless. I have provided some options for you to consider and hopefully they’ll at least give you something to think about if nothing else.

Mercy Housing Shelter
Location: Hartford, CT
This is a shelter for those who are homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless. If you’re on the verge of becoming homeless and you’re in the Hartford area, this is a place to consider. They won’t judge you in the slightest and they have programs and services for you to use if you need them. Their phone number and all information you may need in on the website.

Connecticut Humane Society
Location: Newington, CT
No matter what type of pet you’re looking for, this is the humane society in Newington, CT. Whether you’re looking for a cat or a dog, this is a good option to consider. It also has different care and training programs for you to consider if you need assistance in that area and you can donate or volunteer if you choose to as well. This is a good option if you want a pet.

Women’s Shelters
Location: Connecticut
Whether you’re in a bad relationship or on the verge of becoming homeless, this is a list of women’s shelters you can consider for your child and yourself. If you want to narrow the search down, you can put your city in the search option and see what results show up.

Connecticut SPCA
Location: Monroe, CT
This is another option to consider if you want to adopt pets or sponsor a pet. If you choose to, you can even donate or participate in events they advertise for as well. They have a variety of cats and dogs for you to choose from, as well as different breeds to choose from.

Family Shelter
Location: Hartford, CT
No matter what situation you’re in, this is a safe house for those who need it. There is a unit for women and children and a separate unit for men only so you can feel safe. They offer benefits and services to families and help people if they need it. If you require this kind of assistance, this would be a good option to at least check out.

Now while I provided a few options in Connecticut for you, I suggest you do your own searches also because only you know what you want and only you know what will work for you. Don’t be afraid to call hotlines or your local authorities if you’re in a bad situation. No matter what kind of shelter you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to explore your options.

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