Connecticut – Retirement Homes for Single Mothers

Now whether you’re looking for a community for yourself or you’re helping your parent, or another loved one find a community, Connecticut is full of options for you. Whether you’re a homebody who likes to stay in or you’re more active as a senior, there are several communities that can fit your wants and needs. Connecticut has a lot of resources and retirement homes or communities for you to think about and consider for yourself or your loved one. While that is true, it can be a frustration looking for the options you are so eager to find.

With that in mind, I am hoping to help you with your search and provide you with a few resources to assist you in your search. While you may not use the options that I list, I am confident it can give you an idea of what your loved one or you can afford and what is available to you. If it does nothing else, it gives you a head start in your search for information in senior living communities.

Connecticut Communities
Location: Connecticut
website for search:
This is a search option and a resource option. You can find information here and then search by zip code, state, or city and see what options it brings you. This is a good way to go to one site yet find several results within the one website.

Jensen Communities
Location: Southington, CT
There are several locations for this community but the one in Connecticut is in Southington, CT. Jensen understands the need for a new community and a new home once you reach a certain age and it aspires to help seniors achieve that. It also understands income issues and attempts to make it affordable. You can try this website to look at homes for sale and request info if you’re interested in something like this.

Covenant Village or Cromwell
Location: Cromwell, CT
website for information:
Cromwell features a vibrant community with beautiful landscaping. Between independent living and assisted living with a skilled nurse if needed, this community could be just what a senior needs. It offers health care, events and any financial information and up on the website for your information if you want to know more about that.

Pomperaug Woods Retirement Community
Location: Southbury, CT
Pomperaug is good for seniors who enjoy a free lifestyle and they take income into consideration by offering affordable payment options. They also offer life care, between studio apartments to two bedroom deluxe apartments in a beautiful historic area. They have a monthly fee but they include all utilities, have a dining program, and feature nice patio/ balconies, among other amenities.

Edge Hill Senior Living Community
Location: Stamford, CT
Whether you’re looking for yourself or helping a loved one, Edge Hill is a great option to consider. It offers life care, health services, and many other amenities for you to enjoy if you choose this community as your choice. While there are lots of opportunities for those who need assistance, there are also options for those who choose to live alone without assistance. this is a good option for any senior.

No matter who you’re looking for, Connecticut has a lot of good senior communities for you to choose from and a lot of research for you to look through. Whether you prefer the phone book, your community, or online searches, you’re sure to find a lot of options to fit you or your loved one. Even if none of the options on the list work for you, I hope the list gave you a good idea of what’s out there and provides as a good resource or starting point for your search.

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