Connecticut – Rehab Programs or Assistance for Single Mothers

Whether you’re a single mother with an addiction looking for rehabs or other resources, or looking for family members including children, there is help for you. Life has always been stressful but sometimes it can become overwhelming and get the best of anyone. The important thing is you or whoever else recognizes there is an issue and they’re willing to get help. Getting help not only benefits one’s self, which it does, but it benefits everyone around them; friends, family, co-workers, community and everyone else.

With that being said, finding rehabs and addiction resources can be intimidating or overwhelming to say the least. Even knowing that, I have done some research to help guide you in the right direction and provided you with a small list of Connecticut rehabs and/ or resources that can help or benefit you in some way.

The Connecticut Community for Addict Recovery
This is a resource for everything involving recovery. Whether you just need support or some kind of resources during your recovery, this website is the site to go to. It not only offers services but it offers volunteer opportunities, and also has a recovery store if you’re interested. This is a great resource to at least check into and see if it would benefit you at all.

Rushford Center: A Substance Abuse and Mental Health Provider based in CT
Whether you need treatment or options for you or your teens, this is an option to consider. They have services for both adults and adolescents, and they offer mental health assistance related to your addiction as well as other services. They also provide a phone number for you to call if you have any questions or concerns about anything they offer, or anything in general.

High Watch Recovery Center
This is a residential stay rehab for addictions, but it also helps those with disorders and psychiatric disorders. They not only have treatment programs but they have family programs, and referring professionals to help you with your treatment. No matter what you’re recovering in, you might want to take a look at this option and consider it.

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women
This is recovery retreat rehab for women specifically to get better with their addiction. At Eden Hill, their programs are in 12 steps and they empathize long term treatment. They don’t only treat the cause and addiction, according to their website but they treat the mind, body and spirit. This is a good option for women to consider.

Turning Point: Connecticut Drug rehab
Now this program is designed for young men so if you have a son who has a problem, or a family member, this is a good option to consider. This option will of course treat the addiction but it also addresses existing mental issues young men may have with their addictions. It’s a three step program and designed to help them build the skills to fight temptation.

While these options were only a few in Connecticut, just remember there are several others out there for you to consider and think about. This list is only meant to get you thinking and help you widen your resources if you need, not to tell you what to do. Although if you decide to use anything on this list, I am glad I could provide you with something that helped you or a family member. Just remember to do your research and don’t give up on recovery, if for nothing else, for your children.

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