Connecticut Grants And Scholarships That Could Benefit Single Teenage Mothers

According latest survey figures, Connecticut has a median household income of $65,753 which is $15,251 higher than the median US household income. Though these figures look appealing, it is important to note that the higher per capita income is responsible for driving the living standards higher something that has affected single teenage mothers negatively. Research has shown that due to this kind of an effect, most teenage others end up engaged in enormous responsibilities which in return keep them out of college thus missing a great opportunity to better their lives and future in general. The cost of living is in particular responsible for this scenario with many teenage mothers seeking to juggle between responsibilities such as childcare, food, transport and healthcare for themselves and their young children.

The good news however is that there are various programs offering scholarships for single teenage mothers and one could take advantage of them in case they wish to enroll or return to college. This is highly advisable and as a single mom you should endeavor to better your life through further education as this could help prevent a life of struggles for yourself and your child in the years to come. Most of these programs are government run while others are community based. By applying in most of them, single teenage mothers increase their chances of being selected in some of them and this could help you clear your college years without a hitch.

Of the many different programs available for women in Connecticut is Pell Grant. This federal financial aid program was established with the goal of helping needy college students. The need-based program has been a great source of relief for many single teenage mothers not only in Connecticut but also in the whole country. One will however need to file their FAFSA application prior to the application for this grant as this normally helps to determine the extent of the applicant’s financial needs thus determining the amount of money to be awarded. The highest amount to be awarded by July 2012 was $5,550 although amounts awarded vary from one applicant to the other.

As a single teenage mother in Connecticut, it would be advisable to also look out for the different day to day life grants such as food vouchers, healthcare grants and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program among others. Though the help given here cannot be transferred into your college education needs, it helps you to save some money which in return you can direct towards your college fees and other related needs. The greatest advantage of these different grants is that unlike loans, one does not have to pay back.

When planning to look for any state sponsored grant and scholarships for single teenage mothers in Connecticut, the initial step to take should be to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form is normally the basis upon which you can apply for any kind of grant and scholarship in different schools within the state. As a single mother, it is also advisable for you to check out with the college that you enroll in to see whether they have any form of financial aid which you might qualify for.

Connecticut Aid for Public College Students Grant Program or CAPS Grant is another source of college funding which you could benefit from as a single teenage mom. Provided for by the department of public education in the state, the assistance offered could help bridge the gap in the student’s education budget and therefore it is worth applying.  CSUG (Connecticut State University Grant), Connecticut Independent College Student Grant Program and TEACH Grant program are also additional financial aid programs that you should consider as a single teenage mother if you plan to return to college. Remember that being a teenage mother is not a condemnation and therefore you should do whatever you can to equip yourself with the necessary skills which will help you stand out in the highly competitive job market.

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