Connecticut – Employment Options for Single Mothers

There are no doubts that sometimes we don’t enjoy our jobs or maybe we just want to search for new opportunities. Maybe you’re one of those people who was recently laid off and that can be a devastating situation, especially if you are a single mother. It’s bad enough with two incomes or if you’re childless but when you’re the only income and you have a child or more than one child, money needs to be flowing in for your children. Whichever situation you’re going through, there are opportunities for you with both online and offline resources, and both worldwide websites and Connecticut based websites.

Whether you know this or not, it’s still not an easy task sometimes and it can be quite the difficult task to find a job. I can’t get the job for you but I can provide a few resources for you to look through and hopefully they can assist you in same way. With any luck, you’ll find something you can apply for or search through, or maybe you’ll get information on something you didn’t otherwise know.

Connecticut Jobs
Now this is a website you can sign into and search for jobs in your area, much like other job searching websites. The one thing that separates this website is it can assist you with searching for educational resources if you plan to further your skills. You put in your city and an optional keyword, or use the advanced setting and see what options you get.

Jobs – Hartford Courant
This will show you jobs listed in classifieds in the area . Now you may not get every desired choice you want seeing as it is going through classifieds but it is a good option to consider when looking for jobs. I suggest at least giving them a search through to see if you find an option here.

Fairfield County Jobs
This is for residents of Fairfield County and designed to help these people find a job. You can upload your resume and receive job alerts so when you receive an offer or update, you’ll be alerted through email. So if you are a resident of Fairfield County, this is an option for you to think about.

Connecticut Job Listing and Recruiting Services
This is yet another job searching website for residents of Connecticut. Another one where you can receive job alerts and job matches based on the information you enter when you sign up for the site. It’s like your typical job searching website but it aims to aid residents in Connecticut; therefore it can benefit you if you give it a chance.

Connecticut Job & Career ConneCTion
This website site can benefit you for many reasons. Not only does it give you a link to search for jobs based on occupation or company name but it also provides you with information on how to start your own business if you’re self employed, information on apprenticeship, and even job fairs where you might have a better chance to find a job where you actually meet company hiring managers in person. This is definitely a good resource and worth a looking at.

There are several job searching websites as well as many opportunities offline for you to check out around Connecticut. Even in moments of frustration, don’t give up on the search and keep your spirits up no matter the lack of progress you think you’re making. The search and process may not be an easy but it will likely end up being worth it as long as you don’t throw in the towel at the end of the day.

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