Connecticut – College Options for Single Mothers

Connecticut has a lot of great qualities about it and colleges is one of those qualities you can add to the list. Whether you’re looking at your options because you’re in a position to add educational experience to your resume or you’re helping your kids because they’re of that age, Connecticut has a lot of options for you. The good thing about Connecticut colleges is most of the best ones provide excellent college life and great education so you won’t lose out on anything. The bad thing is that can make the decision harder for you and if you’re an indecisive person, that can certainly pose a little bit of an issue.

While knowing this, sometimes reading all these articles about the best colleges can be confusing when different articles say different colleges. The reason this happens is because while they do put in the stats, they also put in their opinions. Now this article is another opinion as well but my hope is that I keep it as factual as possible and that will help you lower your options or maybe increase your options if that’s what you want.

Yale University
This university is in New Haven, CT and is organized into twelve constituent schools. Each school has its specialty of programs and in addiction to that, it has a downtown campus, its own athletic facilities, and nature/ forest preserves. Undergraduates will follow the curriculum of liberal arts and almost all facility teach undergraduate classes of some sort. While the price is up there, Yale has many notable graduates and provides a quality education.

Fairfield University
This university is located in Fairfield, CT and it is a co-educational private school. It is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, and one objective is to foster its students in ethics, values, and social responsibilities. It occupies approximately 3,500 undergraduate students and 1,200 graduate students at one of its five colleges. It is nationally recognized for its nursing programs and accounting programs but with Fairfield, a lot of its programs are recognized and well organized programs. You have an opportunity to choose between different classes and receive quality education with this college.

Quinnipiac University
This university is in Hamden, CT and is a private co-educational college. This college provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees through its number of colleges. The schools strengths are its medical campus and its business campus; however it also has a school for arts & sciences, school for communications, school of health sciences, and it also provides classes for engineering among others. It is one of the first of the northern colleges to rank as having made the most promise in improving academics, faculty, campus, and all else in general.

Trinity College
This college can be found in Hartford, CT and it is a liberal arts college. It is the second oldest college and one of the best colleges in Connecticut that provides excellent education. Trinity College offers approximately thirty-six majors and twenty-eight minors for students and future students to choose from. If you’re interested in studying aboard, Trinity offers programs aboard in places like Rome, Paris, Vienna, among a few other locations. It also opened a new program in Shanghai in 2012. It has constantly ranked among the top liberal arts colleges and has more than enough qualities to prove why.

Wesleyan University
This college is located in Middletown, CT and it is another liberal arts university to consider. Wesleyan only baccalaureate college in the nation emphasizes undergraduate structure in certain studies and provides graduate students research in other academic areas. It is considered the second most productive undergraduate college with a number of respect from a number of undergraduates. It has approximately forty undergraduate academic programs with other nine hundred courses and approximately eleven graduate programs. It is one of the most selective colleges when it comes to admission but it makes up for it in its excellence in the quality of programs it provides.

Now while this list was a small list, Connecticut is not short on great colleges and has many great options for you to consider when picking which college you wish to attend. Do a lot of research, maybe extensive research if you need to and look through each option carefully. Just take in each pro and con of each college, take in their belief system, their religious beliefs if that’s important to you, take in everything that is important. Don’t be hesitant to rule out an option, I know how scary that can be but it’s a good thing if it brings you closer to choosing the college of your dreams.

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