Connecticut – Child Care Assistance for Single Mothers

There are a lot of difficulties with being a single mother and while you wouldn’t change a thing about it, you can’t deny you have your work cut out for you. Between work and taking care of the children, things can become overwhelming and tire you out. It gets a little tricky when you have nobody else and you need someone to watch your children though, or you need some kind of assistance to pay for child care. Obviously added stresses are not needed at this point in your life but luckily Connecticut does have some resources for you. Whether it be for child care assistance or day care listings, you’re sure to find it if you look.

While that is true, sometimes finding the resources you need isn’t always easy and time isn’t always on your side either. To help you with your search, I hope this article will serve as a resource at the very least and rule in or out options for you. I will only provide four options because I believe you should search the internet yourself since only you know what you need for your child.

Hartford Area: Daycare and Child Care Programs for School Age Children
YW Kidslink provides before and after school care at selected elementary schools for children in the Hartford area. Their schools encourage kids to be strong, eliminate racism, and encourage females to be strong. Children will learn productive social skills, participate in social activities and learn about other cultures that can be fun and interesting to them. You child will enjoy fun time but also be given a time to do homework if needed.

Care for Kids
Care for kids is designed to help families in Connecticut ranging from low to moderate income pay for child care. The website has all the information about the program, the proper forms to print out, what you need to know about eligibility, the ability to check the processing status and the ability to make payments electronically.

Connecticut Child Care Centers
This is a nice sized list of some of the child care centers around Connecticut for you to look through. If you want to narrow down the search, you can just put in your zip code and a list will be provided for you. This is a good option for parents to consider more than one option and look at everything that is available for them that way if one option doesn’t work, they’ll have a second option.

Connecticut Child Care Listings and Resources
This is another Connecticut resource but instead of putting in your zip code, you just click your city and see what’s available in your city. If this doesn’t have every option, it has most options so it should provide as a good option for you. This is also good for parents who like more options and more control on where their kids are going.

Don’t be too upset if this article didn’t provide what you wanted, seeing as it was a small list and not a very large article to begin with, but it was meant only as a resource. You’re strongly recommended to do your own searches but since you are looking at articles like this, you likely already are. Don’t feel discouraged if results aren’t showing up as fast as you would like them to, sometimes it does take time. I understand the frustrations and how time can sometimes be a tricky thing but be patient and over time, you will find the resource you need.

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