Colorado – Rehab Programs or Assistance for Single Mothers

Life is one big stress for regular every day people, nobody can even deny that factor. Between bills, work, kids, and everything else, it can sometimes become overwhelming. Sometimes bad habits developing because of how stressful life can be and those habits become bad addictions. That doesn’t make you a horrible person, it happens and it’s not surprising in today’s day in age. The important part is that you have accepted you have a problem and you want to get help. Not only for yourself but for your child because as a single mother, you are all your child has at this point.

With that being said, sometimes finding rehabs and help can be a little more difficult than one would think. So I hope this article will help assist you or at least lead you in the right direction in your search for rehabilitation programs that can help you.

Harmony Foundation
This rehab is located in Estes Park, Co provides a number of programs for you to consider. It even has a program for your children if your child developed an addiction. There are different methods of pay and they seem to be willing to work with you if you want to give them a try. There is no judgment with this rehabilitation and that is important to remember.

Arapahoe House: Drug Rehab
This option provides drug rehab programs and mental health services to those of Thornton, CO. They have more than one rehab center and they appear to be understanding about addictions and they’re another one who doesn’t seem to pass judgment on anyone. A lot of people successfully recover but some do need to return and they seem to be more than willing to accept people back if that be the case.

Jay Walker Lodge
This program is on Carbondale, CO and it is a 12-step program for those with addiction problems. They have outpatient options like most of the options do and they even have a family program, as well as other services that can benefit you and your children.

Narconon Colorado Best Long Term Drug and Alcohol Program
This is located in Fort Collins, CO and is another 12-step program that promotes long term sobriety. They treat you an after, they’ll check up on you a few times to make sure you’re holding up well and remaining sober. They appear to take their program seriously and genuinely want your success so they support you the whole way through, guiding you and encouraging you, yet refraining from scolding you if you happen to fall down again.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
Now this is located in Denver, CO and aims to help people succeed at beating their addictions. They offer therapy as well as the rehab and have more than one program to fit your needs, like most programs. They offer a 28 day residential treatment program which can be good for the severe cases and they offer encouragement the whole way.

I know how intimidating and overwhelming things must be for you right now but you already made the first step by admitting you have a problem and need help. Keep in mind, this is only a small list of the rehabs available in Colorado and if you do your searches, online and off, you can find many more that will help you. No matter what program you decide to go with, I’m sure you’ll get better with the right attitude and the right program. Just don’t give up and stay strong for yourself and for your children, and you should succeed in the end.

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