Colorado – College Options for Single Mothers

Colorado is a beautiful state with a lot of features to consider but maybe you didn’t consider their colleges, or maybe you did. Maybe you’re looking for yourself and looking to further your education now that you can or maybe you’re helping your child choose a college now that they’re old enough to go. Either way, Colorado has a lot of great options for you to consider and depending how you look at it, that can be a good or bad thing.

With that in mind, sometimes narrowing down the options can be quite the task when so many good options are out there. Hopefully the list I provide you with can help with that task or at the very least be used as a resource to assist you in your task.

University of Colorado at Boulder
This university is in Boulder, CO and is recognized as a public research university. It offers 150 programs to choose from and over 29,000 students are enrolled with this university. For sports fans, the Colorado Buffaloes have won 26 championships and the college is very into their sports. If you’re not into sports, that is more than alright since the college is just as into the excellence of their academics and student lifestyle.

Colorado State University
This university is located in Fort Collins, CO and it is split into eight colleges. Most of the locations are located among beautiful scenery and greenery so you can enjoy your walk or drive to your college. There are 65 fields of study in Bachelor’s degrees, 55 degrees of study in Master’s degrees, and 40 fields of study in Doctoral degrees, not including the professional degree in veterinary medicine. You can assume you will get what you ask for if you decide this is the college you choose.

Colorado School of Mines
This university is in Golden, CO and is a public teaching and research university. The classes range from engineering to physics, to chemistry, and along those lines so it’s for specific classes but it excels in those classes if that is your interest. It’s normally in the top rankings and student life is normally pretty average for students here.

Regis University
This college can be found in Denver, CO and it is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools . Regis University has been split into three colleges and has received a number of awards for its excellent, students, and even sports. You can choose between graduate and undergraduate programs, and with either choice, you have a number of programs to choose from.

Colorado College
This college is located in Colorado Springs, CO and it is registered as a liberal arts college. Colorado college is known for its unique way it arranges its classes. It goes by a tactic called ‘block plan’ where a single class is taken during each block and these blocks last approximately three and a half weeks. Most importantly, the college is known for its excellence and students enjoy their college life here.

I will mention again that this list was very small and there are many good options out there to consider when choosing a college. Whether you’re from Colorado or just coming here for college, consider everything when choosing a college and think about it long and hard. You want to work hard but you want to enjoy your experiences no matter what age you are.

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