Colorado – Best Cities for Single Mothers

Colorado is a beautiful and active state with a lot of wonderful qualities going for it so it’s no wonder why anyone would want to move there. Like most states, it has big towns and small towns but it seems to be one of the states where residents seem to take care of what they got. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to Colorado for the first time or just moving to a new city in Colorado, you definitely have a lot to consider in this decision. Fortunately, Colorado has the type of town for any type of living you have; therefore you’re in luck.

The most important part of a move is the research but that can require a lot of patience and sometimes you do need resources. I’m confident this article can help you or provide as another resource that may narrow down the search for you.

1. Boulder, CO
Boulder, CO is on the list for a few reason but that is to be expected. It is known for its down to earth attitude and nature beauty so if scenery is what you’re looking for, Boulder definitely has some beautiful scenery. It has a low unemployment rate and a student to teacher ratio, as well as perfect temperatures for you to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Cherry Hills, CO
Cherry Hills, CO is a small town and a Denver suburb. Just because it’s only of the smallest doesn’t mean it lacks in the slightest so you don’t have to worry about that. It has an impressive median household income but the cost of living is higher in this area. On the bright side, it is one of the safest areas and one of the most affluent places.

3. Lakewood, CO
This city made it on the list because the overall quality of life was impressive, according to research. It has an impressive median household income rate and rent prices, as well as student to teacher ratio. It also has a low unemployment rate and it’s rated as a very desired area to live, making it a very good contender to consider.

4. Fort Lupton, CO
This is another city that has low taxes and low costs of living, and you can’t go wrong with that. It also has a low unemployment rate so you can expect that you’ll find a job here if you decide this is the place for you.

5. Wellington, CO
This city earned a spot on the list because of its affordable cost of living and reasonable sales tax. The median household income is 10 percent higher than the rest of the state and when you consider this alone, residents here have it pretty good. As if that wasn’t enough, the education system received a great rating and it is considered one of the safest cities so you can add good education and low crime rate to the list too.

While there were only five options here, there are a lot of nice cities and towns in Colorado and you want to consider everything when making a move. Every article you read from anyone is based on an opinion and each person’s perspective so you definitely want to do your own research to see whether you agree or not with the opinion. No matter what you choose, I am confident you will find the right fit as long as you do the proper research.

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