College Grants for Single Mothers

Low-income might be a barrier for single mothers to pursue their academic careers towards being self-reliant. The failure to complete studies leads to disadvantage to get a well-paying job and also leads to reliant on public assistance programs. The single mom will always rely on getting housing assistance, child care assistance, health care assistance, food assistance, cash assistance and other programs funded by the federal government.

Instead of spending a huge amount of money on various public assistance programs, the federal government strives to spend a lot on college student financial help for single mothers so that they can advance their skills and work decently. There are grants offered by the federal government Department of Education in an endeavor to promote access to education for all single mothers irrespective of their incomes. These grants include Obama grants for single mothers.

Single moms in the U.S can benefit from both grants and scholarships programs which need not be repaid after completion. There are low-interest loans as well for eligible mothers. Work-study programs are also options in working while you study to help pay educational expenses. The U.S Department of Education funds the participating colleges the amount that is needed to serve financially and academically deserving students. Grants are generally based on needs and scholarships on merits.

To qualify for grants and scholarships, one need to apply via FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be determined to be financially needy for grants or academically deserving for scholarships. The federal government offers a wide range of grants and scholarships apart from those ones offered specifically by the Department of Education. The Department of Education has Federal Pell grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs) and Teachers Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grants, among others.

Federal Pell Grant is for the undergraduate single mother students who have not yet completed any baccalaureate degree and who are deemed to be financially needy. The grant is non-repayable and the amount offered varies according to financial neediness of a single mom student. Nonetheless, the maximum amount is $5645. No student shall receive Federal Pell Grant from more than one academic institution in the same year. To apply for the grant, enquire further from the college of interest you intend to study at because the participating schools are subsidized for this grant.

FSEOGs grant is for undergraduate students with more financial needs. The program comes first over Federal Pell Grant. For instance, if any student has applied for the grants concurrently, the FSEOGs will be paid first. The colleges are awarded fixed amounts yearly to manage the grant “if the funds are depleted then the college will wait for next year. The amount is determined by the college financial help office. It can vary from $100 and $4000.

Obama grant for single mothers is for low-income single mothers who cannot afford to pay for their studies. The grant strives to better the lives of single mothers and thus to help them exit public assistance programs. The Obama financial for single moms can be used to purchase many things; however, the main focus is on furthering education. The grant covers tuition costs, meals, transportation and many more depending on an individual need.

TEACH grant is for prospect teachers who plan to pursue a teaching qualification but unable to do so because of financial constraints. There is obligation that needs to be honored by recipients of this grant. After completion, the single mother is required to teach in many disadvantaged areas with highly needed subject areas like mathematics and science. The maximum allotment for the program is $4000. The single mothers will be trained accordingly in order to improve the education system in secondary schools and primary schools.

Single mothers are helped in pursuing their academic degrees so that they can be well-equipped and “suited to get a decent employment. The grants can be applied for in the colleges in the State that one resides and intends to study with. The federal government funds the state governments to manage the college financial help for single mothers.

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