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Child Support For Single Moms

Single mothers are usually faced by the horrors of inability to cater for their children’s daily basic needs. The Central government over the years has laid down adequate measures that can assist families who are unable to meet their children’s basic commodities such as shelter, clothing, food, and health care. The constitution in the bill of rights considers must that every child, regardless of race is adhered to in the most supportive ways possible, to achieve the revelations of their dreams in this one life on Earth. There are ample numbers of programs that have been put in place.

Emotional and social support program.
This support program was started by the federal law in the early 90’s in New York city. The main purpose was to assist single mothers and their children deal with emotional issues that had built due to the trauma of domestic violence, drug abuse and uneasy situations they were undergoing after seeing the dark part that life offers. The program has helped significantly since it helped to bring back the self esteem of many children.

Social services.
This service is funded and active in all states. Most single moms might not adore it, because most of them end up losing their kids. The social services absorb a child into their custody and provide the necessary child welfare support until the child is an adult or when the parent(s) are able to stand on their feet as financial stable persons to show that they can take care of the child’s welfare. For example, in the Texas state when custody of the child is acquired by the government social service section, after some time the child will be given a new home to live with another family who can provide all requirements. After the child reaches adulthood and finds a job the system of Income Withholding Order(IWO) is issued and part of the salary acts as a payment to the other parent who took the responsibility.

Health care plan.
This is provided by the core government whereby, it covers on all minor medications necessary for children, especially for children who are being raised by single mothers. There are services such as CHIP and Medicaid whereby single mothers can easily apply when the child needs major attention that the mother cannot afford. Lately there has come a beneficial health aid called the Obama care, it was introduced by President Obama, the 44th President of this great nation. It has proved to be beneficial for Single Moms.

Over the years, this has been on the list of single moms most treasured child support. Single moms, are always on the forefront for receiving scholarships for their children who are very studious in their academics and fields of talents such as, soccer, the American football among others. For this single moms are always encouraged and in return encourage their children to strive hard to attain a scholarship, study get a job and find decent livelihoods. There are also, school breakfast and lunch programs which every single mother should take advantage of as reduces the cost of life.

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