Challenges to Education of Single Mothers

Challenges to Education of Single Mothers

A mother is the building block for the growth and future development of any society, she is equipped with a lot of responsibilities that have to be accomplished. US is indeed a world superpower with a very stable economy, but this does not mean that mothers here are relieved from their duties, they attend to them as any other loving parent in the world. Single mothers are apparently constantly increasing by day, the main reason for this might be, divorce, domestic violence, unwanted pregnancies, irresponsible father or death of the male spouse. According to reports, almost a quarter of women in America are single mothers, this has puzzled the government since, most of these women are not well educated and majority of them live below the poverty-line in a life of day to day hassles. The United States government with its legislature of liberals has looked for solution for this situation. They have come up with systems that will ensure, single mothers are able to be educated fully. However, despite all these efforts, no changes are coming into effect, so what could be the problem? Am going to explain fully why education systems made for single mothers are not working.

Family responsibility.

Being a single mom you are crabbed with both responsibilities as a parent that is, being a mom and at the same time a dad to your children. This increases the workload for this poor single mothers, hence there is little or no time to attend school for their education.

Scholarship factor.

Colleges have high fees, this demoralizes many women to attend them since, it is too expensive for them. Scholarships aren’t that easy to obtain, they scholarships offered are given to women who performed better than others yet maybe these women all qualified for college. This limitation of scholarships makes so many poor single mothers not to seek higher education.

High Unemployment rate.

They say that when a woman calculates her life cards she keeps it at surety standards. Most of the single mothers do this too, they only attend school for their education if they have foreseen the possibility of getting a job in the end. The economy at the moment is shaky, this has made employers not to employ new personnel making the unemployment rate to grow. Single mothers have opted not to go for further studies because they do not see the beneficial job element.

Corruption in Education sector.

In the past decade, there have been cases of money laundering by officials who have been entrusted with funds meant for the education of single mothers. This has made many single mothers lose their educational right which they are entitled. Many of the single mothers have also followed the misconceptions given for example, payment of education grants given.

The above have got drastic measures to our society and future, we should bear in mind that a country without education is one which is crumbling.

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