Single mothers to success

Few successful schemes that has been providing the above mentioned assistances to single mothers and their families are Jeanette, that has been doing the job successfully since1978, W.I.C, that keeps track of the health, medical and educational insurance of the children of single mothers and S.N.A.P that has been taking good care of the food … Read more

Single mothers’ help

Single mothers have always been a pride for a nation in the 21st century they had shown the path to live with honor and respect, without being a burden for the society or the neighbors. Doing all the work by themselves and bringing up the kids with good behavior all by them selves is not … Read more

Single mothers’ assistance

Assisting single mothers in their lives is a responsibility of the society and the government. In the life of twenty first century, where people steal and snatch from each other to run one’ own home for a day at least, its too difficult for single mother and their kids to move on and make a … Read more