Career Development Guidance and Opportunities for Single Mothers

Career Development Guidance and Opportunities for Single Mothers in Texas

Many ongoing theories and studies state that plenty of single mothers are below poverty line. These statistics are gathered usually when there is a mass scale disaster or sudden realization about the plight of such single mothers. Usually the Federal Government and Texas State takes steps and offers plenty of opportunities and incentives to such single mothers. But again statistics prove that getting such facilities are harder in the Texas state. Single mothers work for more than 30 hours per week and still 47% lie below the poverty line. This situation is worsened when many such single women are unemployed or do not have a stable employment. For this reason, there are many associations and organizations that offer career development assistance to single mothers.
Avenues for employment assistance in Texas State
It is in the Texas State and the Federal Government’s interests to provide single mothers with fiscal assistance. But it is practically very difficult because the Government itself is sinking into a financial quagmire. So any remuneration that the Government has to offer to single mothers takes a lot of time to reach the respected individuals. Taking this into account, career development assistance is offered to single mothers by Texas State free of cost. Such avenues basically make a profile of the single mother’s skills and qualifications and through that advice them on the many possible fields in which they could work. There is never any shortage of work and through mastering a few basic skills or by just obtaining an associate degree, many work places can be found.
Possible jobs for Single Mothers in Texas:
There are two main requirements which single mothers mostly expect with their jobs. They are, flexible job timings, and stable income to support themselves and their children Employment assistance is offered keeping these under consideration. Single mothers are faced with the additional stress of maintaining their children and caring for their future too. For this reason, even though employment is necessary and income is mandatory for successful maintenance of family, flexible work timings and being able to work from home would do a lot of good for single mothers as the cost of living in Texas is quite high. There are many opportunities to do so.
Texas counseling centers primarily employ people who need to work from their homes so that they could perform their work in a familiar environment. Calls which the counseling center receives will be redirected to you and you can sit within your convenient home and go ahead with counseling. It is simple and strain less and pays moderately. Basic training and constantly updating yourself is needed.
Career development assistance centers in Texas State suggest freelance writing to be another great source of income for single mothers. Write articles for the clients on various topics, depending on the client’s needs and specifications. A good base in English and a computer with Internet is all you need. With these, you could also take up a telesales operation. Both these ventures pay well and there are no prerequisites.
The healthcare industry also provides both clinical as well as non-clinical jobs to women, though it needs a degree qualification. Over all, opportunities provided by employment assistance centers are aplenty.

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