Can Baby Formula Be Bought With The Kansas Vision Card

Can Baby Formula Be Bought With The Kansas Vision Card?

There are a number of low income families in Kansas, and each of these families are in need of some type of assistance. Many of the families are not able to provide food for their families that can last an entire month so they have to apply for Kansas Food Assistance and Nutrition Program. If the applicant is qualified for assistance they will receive a Vision Card that will allow them to make only food purchases.

Kansas Food Assistance and Nutrition Program

All families do not have a mother and father to help support children, and when it is only one parent sometimes it becomes a difficult task to meet every need of children. Kansas provides parents with a program to help with these difficult situations, but in order to receive benefits the parent must pass an income and residency test. After completing the test the parent will receive notification of whether they are qualified to receive food assistance.

Benefits Disbursed Onto Kansas Vision Card

Recipients of food assistance no longer receive their funds in the form of cash money. Those who receive food assistance in Kansas now have access to their funds through their Vision Card. This card is a safe way for people to access their monies, and limits the risk of loss and theft. The card provided will have the name of the applicant, because it has the resemblance of a debit/credit card. People who have these cards can use the cards for grocery stores statewide, but are limited to food items that can be purchased.

Food To Buy With Your Vision Card

Every food that is within a grocery store cannot be purchased with the Kansas Vision Card. Live and hot foods are examples of what edibles cannot be purchased with the electronic benefits. There are multitudes of other foods that can be purchased with the card, listed are are some examples:

Items of the 5 food groups
Snacks (chips, cookies, cakes, etc.)
Beverages (soda, juice, water)
Energy Drinks approved by the FDA
Baby foods, juices, and formulas

Baby Formula with Vision Card Or WIC

Baby formula is considered a food because it provides the nutrients needed for infants to grow healthy. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a type of assistance that is provided to families with children five and under. The Kansas WIC program allows parents to purchase foods that are full of nutrients for their families, but these items do not always last for an entire month. If the parent uses all the baby formula that WIC provides, as long as they have a Vision Card they can continue purchasing baby formula for their infant.

Low Income Families Statewide Eating Nutritional Meals

Nutritional meals are difficult to eat when a family does not have the funds to eat healthy. Qualified WIC and food assistance applicants in the state of Kansas can feed their entire family, including their infants when their monthly benefits arrive. Food assistance applicants receive their funds through a Vision Card that can purchase any food item, as long as it s not hot or alive.

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