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If you have a little free time and you’re eager to help out your community, volunteering is a good way to solve that craving. It engages you with the community and with some volunteering opportunities, it involves your kids in the process. It can also keep you and your kids from becoming depressed and help increase a low self esteem.

Now this sounds like an encouraging and a good idea when thinking about it but you’re running blanks on where to look. Fortunately I have done a few searches and I will provide a few of the results I have come up with for you here. Now keep in mind there are many more opportunities out there and I will only be listing a few options here.

California Volunteer
I feel this website is worth checking out for information if nothing else. Not only does it have information but it has links that you can click to find the right volunteering opportunity for you and that is definitely a plus. Definitely explore the website and see if it can benefit you, and if nothing else, at least you checked it out.

Volunteers in Parks Programs
This is for those who would be interested in volunteering for a park. Volunteers will be involved in educational and history programs but they’ll also be involved in hikes, tours, and train rides. They’ll be allowed to add their own unique experiences and approach to the opportunity so the experience is fun for everyone involved.

Food Bank of Southern California
This opportunity is one of the more obvious ones. The food bank obviously helps feed those who need it. It helps people less fortunate than ourselves and it helps us feel good that we helped people who need it.

Academy of Sciences Volunteering
This is a great opportunity for those who either enjoy science or aquariums. Volunteers will learn how to take care of different types of aquatic animals, test water levels, and horticultural skills. You will be trained and taught by other biologists about what it takes to volunteer and you’re sure to enjoy this opportunity.

California Pacific Medical Center Volunteer
People will be volunteering in patient care, hospitality, and in other areas if they accept this opportunity. People are needed on week days, weekends, and evenings at several of their locations. This is a good opportunity for those who enjoy this kind of environment and feel they would fit this kind of opportunity.

This list was a small list and only had a few options but there are many more opportunities out there if you do a search and out in your area. When doing a search for volunteering opportunities, I always recommend putting in your area and seeing if you get better results. I also recommend you try to involve your kids so they can see the benefits of volunteering as well. Ask around and see if anyone knows of any volunteering opportunities as well. Remember volunteering is never a bad thing and it can only help you and your community.

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