California State Offered Education Grants For Single Moms

California State Offered Education Grants For Single Moms

With higher education single moms have a better chance of getting good jobs and support themselves as well as their family. Although it is very difficult to balance between the high educational fees, high cost of living in various colleges, California State Government and Federal Government offers it might be possible to overcome this drawback. Below are some of the grants offered to the school going or higher education aspiring single moms in California.

Single Mother Grant or the Pell Grant
This is a need based grant program offered by the Federal Government to the single moms. This Federal Grant is suffcient enough to bear the cost of many the educational expenses in a year for a single mother. You can save up to $5,500 of your educational expenses.

The CalGrant
When applying this program takes into consideration both merit in terms of your GPA as well as the financial need. However, this is treated as one of the best grants as you can avail up to $12,000 cash award in a year. You may visit for more details.

WISP is the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program supports single moms to overcome any physical violence against them and continue their secondary education successfully. There are certain criteria you need to possess in order to apply for this grant. A single mother applying for this scholarship should have been a victim of domestic violence, should be living separately from the spouse for at least 1 year and should be below the poverty line.

Philanthropic Educational Organization
This program offers loans, grants, scholarships, and awards for single moms. You can apply at PEO online. The program mainly promotes educational opportunities for the needy single moms.

Talbot Scholarships
This program supports single moms who wish to go back to school after over 10 years. They earn awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. However, this award has an age restriction of 27 years for applying.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships
Silicon Valley hosts the SWE (Society for Women Engineers) association to help single moms earn their higher education with the financial aid they provide to the meritorious single moms. However, the sponsorship will be in the field of Engineering only. Last year SWE has sponsored over $550,000 award amount for single mom scholarships. Usually the scholarships range from $1,000 to $10,000.

AARP Program
A single mom who is above 50 years of age and is below income level who wishes to pursue vocational or any kind of technical education or even planning to study in a accredited school within 6 months of the award date is considered. However, the applicant has to be within 150% of Federal Poverty level if you need to qualify for the grant.

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