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So your kids have reached the point where they’re going to go to high school and now you’re trying to decide whether public school or private school is best for them. Not only are you thinking about that but you’re thinking about how much you would have to pay if you chose private school. These are all legit questions and the answers can be answered by you and you only.

With that being said, perhaps we can go over some things to consider about both public schools and private schools. This will make it easier to weigh your pros and cons when choosing a high school for your kids. Maybe it will help you with your decision and make it a little easier to come to a decision about your choice.

Which is better?

Well neither and both. What I mean by that is some public schools are good with excellent teachers who teach excellent skills your kids will use. The same could be said about private schools as well. Some of these schools are excellent while other schools aren’t so good. California has a number of public and private high schools and their levels of excellence varies. So really one private school may be great while the next one might be a bad experience and vice versa with a public school.

One pro about a public school is they don’t charge you while a lot of private schools do charge tuition fees. You can save money with public schools but for some people, the extra fees might be worth the pay for the private schools they choose. If the fees are too much, there are other sources for financial support to choose if you look into it. That is all up to you to decide but choose wisely and always do your research online if you can.

Some private schools have features and amenities that surpass those of colleges and universities whole a lot of high schools do not. Some parents do like this and find this to be rewarding, as well as encouraging to their kids. Some parents it encourages their kids to do well and continue doing well, something most public schools don’t offer.

Some people prefer public schools because while most class room sizes are bigger, they seem to represent a more ‘realistic’ view of real life. Some parents like that so when their children go out into the real world, they’ll see it isn’t horribly different although private schools aren’t so different that it will put them in shock.

Private schools do have less students and smaller class sizes while public schools have more students. Whether that is good or bad really depends on your kids and your situation really. Some parents like smaller class sizes whereas some parents like their kids to be in a bigger environment, so it does really depend.

The education level depends on the school. Some people complain that their children had performed horribly in public schools while others say the opposite. This really depends on the school, the teacher, and sometimes the area the school is located in.

The experience your child has in a school can vary as well. Some children suffering from bullying and bad experiences in public schools while others are popular and have no problems. Some children hate their experiences in private schools while other children probably prefer private schools more so than not. Whichever way, let your kids be involved in the decision as well because while they are not fully adult, it is a good idea to involve them in the decision. Give them a few options if you have preferences and let them choose from those options.

Public schools are supported by the government and often times, there are cuts in the budgets while private schools are supported by grants, fundraisers, and other creative funding. Some parents have preferences based on this and while this is something to consider, don’t base your whole decision on this alone.

As you may have noticed from this article, there are no clear cut winners here, each school has its pros and cons. A private school may be better for some kids while a public school may be a preferable option for other kids. You just need to weigh it all out and see what you and your child feels is more important to you.

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