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It’s obviously necessary to have some kind of medical insurance or at least medical help for you and your children, especially in California. Between doctor’s appointments and dentist appointments, and unplanned hospital visits, something needs to help pay for it. Those kind of bills don’t come cheap either and sometimes put people in debt, and sometimes send them into bankruptcy. Unfortunately with high premiums that doctors and hospitals charge, it’s not completely uncommon.

I will list a few websites you can either go to for information or to sign up for health coverage and types of insurance, or assistance. You may not sign up for anything today or you may, but at least you’ll get a sense of the assistance available for you.

Covered Coverage
This is a website where you can sign up for health coverage. The website claims to include affordable insurance plans and quality plans for people to sign up for if they haven’t already. Explore the website and see if it’s a good option for your children or you.

This option is one of the most obvious choices and it is something to look into. If you have the qualifications, you can apply for this option and see what it has to offer for you and your children. Definitely check this place out and consider your options with this website and what it has to offer for you or your children.

Medical Financial Assistance Program
Now this is more of an information site but it gives you some information on the medical financial assistance program and tells you the qualifications you need to be able to apply for it. This is a good option to at least read and see if it would fit your needs and wants for your children or yourself. So give it a look at for research purposes.

MSN: Medical Safety Net Program
This website gives you information about MSN (Medical Safety Net Program) and tells you what you need to qualify and where you can go to apply. It’s definitely worth checking out and if you choose not to use this site, at least you gave it a shot and read through it. If you do sign up, at least you won’t have to continue your search.

Now I know I didn’t list very many sites but I heavily encourage people to do their own searches and their own research, since only you know exactly what you need. Keep in mind that there are other websites out there to sign up for and there are more websites you can go to for information on health coverage. If you can’t find something online, you can give a call to the government and see what they tell you. Don’t worry if you call the wrong department, they will likely give you the number you need to call. Always do your research no matter what you do and don’t sign up for anything unless you understand what it is you’re signing for.

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