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It’s hard to get by as parents but it’s especially hard as a single mother with one income in the household. In these times and situations, extra assistance is needed at times and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Times are hard for some people and this so called recovery just isn’t happening fast enough for people so it’s no wonder extra assistance is required. Even some people who have been the most financially secure are feeling the effects these days.

Now you’re reached the point where you’ve accented that you do need some assistance but you’re not quite sure how to go about doing that. With that in mind, hopefully these links will provide you with the resources or at least an idea of how to get started and what is available for you.

Sacramento Human Assistance Benefits
This is the Sacramento human assistance benefits website. You can look for information on whatever kind of assistance you need. No matter what it is, this website is likely to have it if you’re in the Sacramento area. So definitely check it out since I’m sure it’s a good resource if nothing else.

Orange County General Relief
This is the general relief program for Orange County, CA. As you probably already know, general relief is cash assistance to those who need it. So people of Orange County should take a look at this site and see if they qualify for general relief in their area.

Alameda County General Relief
This one is another general relief program but instead, it’s in Alameda County. Again, it’s to help those who qualify and those who need the assistance of a program like this. Alameda County residents should check and see if they do qualify for the program.

General Assistance or Relief
This is a site tells you a little bit of information about general assistance and general relief. It also gives you a few websites you can check out to apply for general relief if you meet the income qualifications. It’s definitely worth giving a second look at.

Benefits Cal
With this website, you put in your city and it will link you to the programs available in your area. It will link you to the programs such as food stamps, medical services programs, cash assistance programs, and other programs that can help you and your children. So I would definitely give this website a looking at and see if it can help you in any way or form.

There are many assistance programs out there and these are only a few listed here but this is here to show you what you can get if you qualify. More times than not, if you don’t qualify for one program, you will qualify for another so don’t get discouraged if you fail to qualify for something. Now that you’re aware of the help available, hopefully you will be able to get what help you need for your situation.

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