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It took awhile but perhaps you’ve reached a stable point in your life now. After you’ve paid the necessary bills and taken care of your children, you still have some money left over. That’s something to be proud of but especially when you’re living in parts of California. Now you’ve decided you wanted to donate some of your extra money to a charity. This is a good thing to do when volunteering isn’t an option because not only is the money going for a cause but it’s potentially going to someone less fortunate than yourself. If it’s going for a cause, it’s going for a passionate cause that can only help the cause and provide more funds for the case. This also shows your children that you don’t have to always get, you can give too and feel just as good about it.

The problem is you’re not quite sure where to look and where to search on the internet. Well, I have done a few searches and I’m providing you with a few of my results to show you how a good search can help you. Hopefully, this will help guide you to the power of charity as well as what charities are available.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California
Location: California
The Ronald McDonald house is one of the obvious choices and I didn’t list a specific location because there’s a few locations around southern California. The Ronald McDonald house is always a good option to donate to.

Freedom From Hunger
Location: Davis, CA
This aims to end poverty and hunger of those who are suffering from it. A lot of us take for granted that we have food on the table but some people don’t have food and this organization aims to help these people. Anything to help poverty is always a good cause and something to always give a second look at.

Operation USA
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Operation is a foundation that helps people around the United States and around the world from disaster relief. Whether it be a natural disaster or poverty, this program’s goal is to help people find relief from their suffering. It aims to end suffering one person at a time and is a good cause to donate to.

Koyamada Foundation
Location: Los Angeles, CA
The purpose of this project is to help education the youth about honoring and respecting the value of martial arts, according to the website. It aims to teach children that martial arts is not to be used as a bullying technique. Martial Arts is not its only goal, it aims to teach children and youth to help the under-privileged, to help families from natural disasters, and to raise awareness about global environments and animal issues. This really is a good foundation that covers a lot of issues so consider this as an option.

California Guide of Charities
Location: California
Now this is a guide, or a list rather, of charities in every city of California. This is a good website to look at whether you use any of the opportunities above or not because it gives you a variety of options to look into.

This list was provided to give you a good idea of what’s available and I’m sure the list will help you find something. With that being said, you should always do your own searches because only you can decide what cause you want to donate to. I do hope you find your desired cause and I hope this article gave you a good starting point at the very least.

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