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Your income is at a steady point these days and your children are in a steady point in their lives. That was always the first concern but now that everything in steady, you’ve decided to explore colleges for yourself or maybe even for your children. Either way, it’s always a good idea to further the education of yourself or your children. Whichever option it is, there are many great colleges and universities out there for your child or you to attend. It’s definitely understandable why you would be confused as to which one you’d want to attend.

I won’t list every single option here but I will give you a few options you can look into and consider. I have looked at the websites and explored them, and this is why I have listed them. Keep in mind there are a lot of good options not listed here so don’t think just because it isn’t listed here makes it bad.

San Francisco State University
This is San Francisco’s University and it has twenty-three campuses to choose from. It has a number of degree programs to choose from and excellent credentials going for it. Whether it is your son or daughter, or you, this university is a great option to choose from no matter what you want to study. Give this university some deep thought when looking at the choices you have available to you, seeing as this is definitely a great choice.

Academy of Art University
This is an university in San Francisco and it obviously focuses on art majors. If you or your kids are a fan of art and you or your kids want to major in arts, this is a perfect college for either of you. Consider this as an option for either one of you.

Santa Clara University
This university is one of the oldest operating in California and one of the best universities. It offers many opportunities for you and if you choose this as your university of choice, you’re sure to enjoy your learning experience here.

Berkeley (University of Berkeley
This is located in Berkeley and is a ten campus university. It has won several Nobel prizes as well as discovered several elements. The Sports team is known as the California Golden bears and if you’re athletic, you’re sure to enjoy this.

Stanford University
This college is in Stanford, CA and it was founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford. It is one of the most prestigious colleges and one of the top fundraising colleges. It has a number of championships from sports and it has won the NACDA director’s cup the majority of years since 1994-95.

These colleges and universities are only a few out of the many colleges available for you to try, so keep that in mind. Do your own research because what is right for one person may not be right for you, only you can know what is right for you.

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