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California has always been known to have an economic issue but not all areas in California are that bad. So if you’re wanting to move to California or a different area of California, it wouldn’t be a completely bad idea in theory. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to save, especially if you’re a single mother with more than one child, but it can be accomplished. It’s not always the easiest thing to do though, between knowing the best cities and the most safest areas, it can be a difficult task to do no matter what.

With that being said, I have done some research on California in both the recent and distant past, and I have provided my findings. These are the top six options in my opinion but I do want to add that just because a city isn’t listed here doesn’t make it bad. There are some decent areas in California but unfortunately I can’t name them all for you.

1. San Diego, CA
San Diego is known for its sunny weather and sandy beaches. You can also enjoy the beach with this option and delicious food while at it. It has a lot of major attractions and also features Comic Con every year for those who are actually into that. This is a great option for outdoor recreation and your kids would certainly love this option.

2. San Francisco, CA
These is a good option for those who love technology and nature. The weather is said to be good a lot of times and it features a lot of parks in San Francisco. This is also the home of some of the biggest sports teams and features some of the best coffee. Your children would be sure to enjoy this city.

3. Fresno, CA
Now this city has beautiful scenery and affordable costs of living. It has features like agriculture, community parks, fine arts, and other amenities related to these. Not only is it a beautiful place to live but it is said to have good schools as well. I would call this a colorful and peaceful option.

4. Sacramento, CA
This city is known for comfortable living and peace and quiet. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have activities to do though, it has great outdoor activities and it would be a great home for bicyclists. It’s known to have good universities and a good medical center, as well as affordable low living costs.

5. Irvine, CA
This city is another good option for those seeking to move cities or those seeking to move to California for a change. It has great public schools and is known for its parks, and as the home of major businesses like Toshiba and Taco Bell. It also has a great colleges and a university known to excel, as well as a great place for museum lovers.

6. Berkeley, CA
This city has quite a few attractions to its name. Not only is it the home of one a university that excels but it is known to have more locally owned businesses rather than chain owned businesses. It also has quite a few outdoor amenities and attractions that anyone who moves there can enjoy, along with their children.

As mentioned before, I only named six cities but it doesn’t mean every other area is a bad choice or the wrong choice. I did have to narrow my choices down to six but I did that with some decent research and internet searching. I definitely suggest you do your own searches and find your own resources to decide if any of these options are best for you.

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