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Let’s say you’re a single mother and you’ve decided you wanted a pet for you or your children. Maybe you’re a senior who happens to be a parent and you decided you wanted a pet to keep you company since your children are gone now and you’re getting lonely. There’s no shame in that, pets are great companions and great company for people, no matter what age. Whether you’re getting a pet for yourself or for your children, it’s a good idea to consider.

Now to find a shelter to go to, that is the only issue. Well at least it was an issue before now but fortunately I have a few options for you to look at. I’ve gathered a list of a few shelters around California for you to look into, so you can decide whether you want to go to them or not. Keep in mind, I will only list a few options here.

A few Shelters Available

San Diego Humane Society
Location: San Diego, CA
This is the humane Society for San Diego and it is a good place to search for pets, cats or dogs. I would suggest for San Diego residents to give them a shot.

San Francisco Dog Rescue
Location: San Francisco, CA
This is located in San Francisco and it would appeal to those who are seeking dogs. They take dogs, rescue them and make sure they are safe for households and adopt them out. You can always be sure you’re getting a safe dog with an option life this so it would be a good option if you want a dog, specifically.

Irvine Animal Care Center
Location: Irvine, CA
Now this is an animal adoption center in Irvine. Whether you’re looking to adopt a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or some other type of animal, this is a good option for Irvine to look at. Don’t pass this site up without at least exploring it first.

Adopt a Pet
Location: Not Specified
This is a good website to do your own search for shelters, dogs, cats, or other searches yourself. This way you can specify what it is exactly you want to search for and in what area you want to search in. I definitely recommend exploring this and using it to your advantage as best as you possibly can.

Keywords to try
Now I’ll give you a few keywords of what to put in the search engine but I also will suggest you put your city or county in too. For example, if you live in Orange County, put in ‘animal shelters in Orange County’.

Dogs for Adoption
Local Animal Shelters
Pets for Adoption
Cats for Adoption
Dog and Cat Shelters
Animals for adoption with low fees
Dogs and Cats to good home

I hope this article provided you with resources and at least an idea of what shelters are available but do your own searches and decide which ones are best for you to look into. While one may be best for one person, another shelter may be better for another person so always look at your options.

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