Assistance Programs for Single Moms

Assistance Programs for Single Moms

Certain circumstances like death or divorce can turn two-parent family in to a single parent one. Out of all cases in California, single mothers must keep their children healthy and safe, but there can be financial burden on single mother. Thus, American government provides Employment/Career Development Assistance and benefits for helping mothers with the expenses. There is some eligibility criteria defined by California government to avail all benefits of local mother.
Perhaps providing a temporary work to a single mom can help in earning a stable income thus, government has organized assistance programs to help these individuals in searching stable employment. Many career programs organized by California government offers skill training, interview preparation and catchy CV preparation. Along with that there are various others services as well that are one on one to help mothers to search a meaningful career to earn bread and butter for baby as well as mother.

Employment/Career Development Assistance for Single Moms
US governments of health and human services operate TANF (temporary assistance for needy families). In this federal program, government provides cash assistance to families that daily struggle financially such as single moms, orphan children and others. In some other states they even pay for basic necessities as well that includes food, clothes, hygiene products and many more. Though, a single mother can receive multiple benefits because she has to work or train a specific job at minimum 30 hours a week. Alongside she has to ensure herself that her child or children must attend school normally and iron out all child support issues to eliminate hindrances. Only goal of establishing this federal program is to help needy families including single moms to promote Employment/Career Development Assistance like job preparation, self sufficiency and parental responsibility. Only task to perform by single mothers is to just apply for the TANF program from their nearby local DHS office.

Food/Nutrition for Single Moms
In the TANF program from the government food stamps are grouped in to help single mothers who are below poverty line and struggles hard to afford food. There are supplemental nutrition assistance program in which enrolled families can receive a debit card to avail food items easily. In this program, government specify a set amount on each debit card every month on first date so, that single moms can easily fill their stomach.
Along with that there are additional programs as well like WIC that specifically deals with food/ nutrition and healthcare of women, infants and children. This government program helps single mothers to strap their financial requirements. This program includes juice, bread, milk, rice, cheese, beans, cereal and baby food which is apt for the baby in initial stage. They provide these food items at doorstep thus this convenient as well as expedient program for single moms. Sometimes, single moms struggle to afford few dollars each day for the children to eat breakfast or lunch thus government is also organizing lunch programs on national level so that each and every qualified children can receive free meals at school or at significant reduced price.

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