Assistance For Single Mothers in Minnesota

If you are a single mother that is struggling to make ends meet and provide for your children. It is often hard to get by on a single income and you may feel that your children are suffering. If you need help to get by and work toward a better life, the following programs can help. It is important that you remember that many of these programs are only dispersed for a limited time so you should make sure that you use these resources to try and move toward self-sufficiency.

Child Care
Child care can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome as a single parent. Often the expenses of child care can take a significant portion of your paycheck, living you little money to pay bills or get ahead. If you are struggling to afford child care while going to work or school, the Child Care Assistance Program may be able to help.
In order to be eligible for subsidized healthcare you must meet certain income requirements that are based on your salary and the number of people in your household. The program offers child care assistance for children under the age of 12 or children with special needs under the age of 14. For some areas in Minnesota, there is a waiting list to qualify for benefits so you apply as soon as possible to ensure that you get benefits as soon as possible. To find out more visit
The Child Care Assistance Program provides vouchers that can help you pay for child care. The child care must be provided by a qualified provider that meets the program requirements. You must continue to have need throughout your use of the program and you will be required to update your information should your income change.
Health Care
If you are having trouble paying medical bills for your children or are limiting their regular doctor’s visits to save money. You may be eligible for a state run health care program which will offer free or subsidized insurance for your children.
Your eligibility for the program is determined based on your income, the number of people in your household, the ages of children in your household and whether or not your children have any disabilities. The program is operated on a need basis so that families with the most need receive the most assistance and the lowest fee for the insurance. To find out more about eligibility and how to apply visit
The benefits of the health care program are determined based on the need of you and your family. The amount of money that you pay each month is determined by the number of people in your household and the monthly household earnings. For example, a family of two with an income of less than $688 a month will pay only $8 a month for both members to have health coverage. The program offers comprehensive health care to everyone that meets the requirements and pays their monthly premiums.
Food Assistance
Often one of the biggest expenses that a family can have each month are grocery bills. If you find that you are trying to shrink meals and go without in order to make ends meet, then you may qualify for food assistance. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is designed to help struggling single mothers provide well balanced meals for their children.
In order to be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program you must meet certain income requirements. The requirements are based on you monthly salary and the number of people who live in your household. You must also be a U.S. citizen and be actively looking for work if you are unemployed. To find out if you are eligible for SNAP and to apply visit
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program offers you a monthly stipend to send on food each month. The amount you receive is based upon your need, which is determined by the same criteria as your eligibility for the program. Your SNAP benefits will be transferred to an Electronic Benefit Transfer card which can be used at any credit care machine at grocery stores. There are few restrictions on the type of food that can be purchased with your SNAP allotment.
Rent Assistance
If you are currently homeless, looking for a place or live or are unable to pay your rent, then you may qualify for rent assistance. The Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance Program is designed to help struggling families pay their rent and continue to have a roof over their head.
In order to be eligible for rental assistance you must meet certain low income requirements and be actively working to improve your situation. The program is designed to be a temporary solution so your case worker will be looking to make sure that you are trying to become self-sufficient. To learn more about the program and find out where you can apply visit
This program offers you a monthly stipend that you can use toward paying your rent. There are few restrictions on the place that your rent stipend must be used and you are not limited solely to subsidized housing. However, since the program is meant to be temporary a case worker will be assigned to ensure that you are actively looking for jobs or working, in order to continue your rental assistance.
There are only a few of the programs that are available to single mothers in Minnesota. You should always take advantage of these programs when you need them because it is your children that will benefit the most. However, since many of these programs are often temporary it is important that you take advantage of the resources that they offer in order to improve your financial situation. The road is often difficult and becoming a self-sufficient as a single mother can be a long process, but these programs are a step in the right direction.

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