Assistance for Single Mothers in Illinois

Being a single mother in today’s economy is a real struggle. Whether the mother has one child or several, making it on her own is difficult. There is assistance for single mothers in Illinois. There are several different government programs in the state of Illinois to help the mother live a more comfortable life, knowing she will be able to provide for her children.
Food Stamp Assistance for Single Mothers in Illinois
One of the main concerns for many single mothers is how they are going to put food on the table. The Food Stamp program in the state of Illinois is called The SNAP program. The program works by taking the gross income and net income and utilities into consideration. They also take into consideration the size of the family. Each month the mother will get a certain amount of money put onto her card. The card is very similar to a debit card but only allows food to be purchased. Things such as tobacco or alcohol are not allowed to be purchased using the card. There are other rules when applying for a SNAP card. Some of these rules are things such as; they expect a mother to try to get work even if they do not get very many hours during the week. They will require the mother to provide proof of employment and hours. They also require, if there are any changes to the household size or income that they be reported immediately. The program will do checks on a random basis to make sure things are in order. Another type of food program that comes as a great assistance for single mothers in Illinois is the WIC program. Here the mother and children will get checks for items such as bread, peanut butter, milk, cheese, juice and eggs. The requirements are similar to the first program. The mother and children do get access to nutrition classes as well. The WIC program is intended for families with a child who is under five years of age. If all the children in the household are over the age of five, they no longer qualify for the program
Child Care Assistance for Single Mothers in Illinois
Another struggle for the single mother living in Illinois, is finding affordable childcare. Childcare rates have doubled in recent years. The childcare program in the state of Illinois is called CCAP. This program will require specific information to make sure the mother qualifies. This program also helps single teen mothers continue their education by providing care for their child. The requirements for this government program will require the household size, the county the mother lives in, if the children are in school and need part time care or full time care. They also ask for the gross monthly income of the mother and whether or not they receive child support or other sources of income. This program not only offers help with childcare but other services to help the single mother. Some of these services include consumer education and referrals as well as analyzed data for supply and demand for childcare in their area. There are several ways a single mother can apply, she can visit the local DHS office or apply online. The assistance will be based on a certain block of time for each week. If the time the child is there, goes over this block then the single mother will be required to pay the overage price.
Health Care Assistance for single Mothers In Illinois
Another concern for the single mother living in Illinois is how to pay for a doctor’s bill if their child gets sick. Insurance rates are higher then they have ever been in recent years. There is a program offered in the state of Illinois as well as most states across the United States. The program is called Medicaid. Expectant mothers are not turned away from this program. The program will pay for all the prenatal care of the mother and child. The mother will also get two months of post care after the baby is born. The program is also for children who are under the age of 19. The program goes by the mother’s income as well as household size. The medical care for the child is for medical doctors as well as dental and vision care. The program will require that the mother submits paycheck stubs of her income. The program will check on the status of the mother and income at least twice per year. If there are any changes to the household then the mother must report immediately. Failure to report may cause the mother to lose the program and she may have to pay money back to the state.
Financial Assistance
There are many single mothers who would like to further their education but does not think they can afford it. There is a government program called FAFSA that can help. This program offers the single mother the opportunity to further her education for free. The program will ask for information regarding her work history as well as past tax records. They also take into consideration how many children she may have. Additional educational grants are offered to single mothers, by the state. These grants are awarded based on the single mothers financial hardship. One such grant is called a Pell grant. This grant is one that goes by the income and will not have to be paid back. There are also student loans a mother can apply for but these will have to be repaid with a low interest rate.
Assistance for a Single Mother in Illinois made simple
Each of these programs listed are simple to apply for. There are basic questions the mother can fill out either at a local office or online. If the mother has any questions, she will be able to contact somebody either personally at the office, or over the phone. The mother must make sure she complies with all the rules and regulations of each program. Failing to comply may result in fines and possible jail time.

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