Assistance for Single Mothers in Idaho

There are many government assistance programs located around the United States.Raising children or even one child is a difficult feat for a single mother. In the state of Idaho, these single mothers are offered a variety of programs.
Child Care Support
The ICCP stands for the Idaho Child Care Program and is found under the department of Welfare and the Department of Health. This program is aimed at families that have a low income or earn the minimal amount per the programs guidelines. This program is assistance for single mothers in Idaho so they can still work to provide for their family, yet have help in paying for childcare. Childcare in the state of Idaho is about $480 a month, $120 per week, or about $3 per hour for one child around 40 hours per week. There are many stipulations when using the ICCP program. Some of the stipulations may include where the parent works if they are going to school, income and the home that they live in. In addition, other approved activities may affect how much help they will receive in childcare. The program usually does not pay the entire portion of the childcare bill, but pays the majority. They usually cover a certain amount of blocks of hours per week. If the childcare goes over those hours however, then the parent is responsible for the remaining balance. The program will pay for the previous month the first week of the next month. The program will not pay for any late charges if the parent does not pick up the child on time no matter if it falls within the block of hours. If there is a change in hours in the childcare the parent and the childcare provider must report these changes to the ICCP immediately. To keep the parent informed, ICCP sends out a monthly information sheet showing the amount the program will cover, how many people in the parent’s household, the amount the childcare provider charges, and the amount the program will cover. It will also show what the parent will be responsible for. When the payment is made the parent and the childcare provider will get detailed information on this payment. This is something the parent needs to retain for their tax records.
Healthcare Assistance for Single Mothers in Idaho
Another assistance program aimed at single mothers in Idaho are the health and medical assistance programs. These programs, like the ICCP, are through the Department of Health and Welfare. In the health program, there are specifics for women and children. The first program is called women’s health check. This program is designed to help women who cannot afford health care get important screenings such as breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings. In order to qualify for this program, the single mother must fall under a certain category. Some of these categories deal with age, number of children and income level. Another program is called the women’s, infants and children program or WIC. This program is federally funded and helps single mothers in Idaho buy food for their family by providing checks with certain amounts of food they can purchase. They also teach proper nutrition education as well as tiny health check ups for the mother and children. In order to qualify, the mother must be a resident of Idaho and meet the income requirements. They also must have a child that is under five years of age to be eligible. Another program offered to single mothers in Idaho is the Medicaid program. This program is for both the mother and the child. When the mother is pregnant, this program covers all her medical expenses including for the baby as well as dental and eye care. The program is also for children that are under the age of 19. With this program, the mother can be on Medicaid for the duration of the pregnancy and two months thereafter. The child can be on the program as long as the income levels are met.
Food Stamps Assistance
There is another program that is offered to single mothers in Idaho. This is the food stamps program. This program is designed to help struggling mothers provide enough food for their families. With all state programs, this one has specific requirements that must be met. Some of these requirements are income, employment and how many people live in the household. The amount of food stamps a person will receive will also depend on these same factors stated above. The food stamps are only to be used for food products. They cannot be used for items such as alcohol or tobacco. The majority of these programs will require that information be submitted every so often to make sure that the single mother still qualifies for the program or falls into a different bracket.
Financial Grants for Single Mothers in Idaho
One last type of help for single mothers in Idaho is financial grants for school. These grants are aimed at single mothers who want to further their education to obtain a better job to provide for their families. A single mother can apply for this assistance through a program called FAFSA. This program will give the mother loans or pay completely for school. The program will need important information such as income, number of people in the household and past tax records.
Program Assistance for Single Mothers in Idaho made Easy
All of these programs are designed to make life a little easier for a single mother. They may not have everything paid for, but every little bit helps to keep the family happy and healthy. The programs are intended for honest women that know they cannot do it on their own. If a single mother lies about their income or any part of the program then they can face jail time and fines. These programs are easy to apply to and the majority of them can be applied to on the Internet

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