Assistance for Single Mothers in Georgia

Assistance for single mothers in Georgia is available through several avenues. There are several programs to help with food, utilities and rent. Educational programs and grants may also be available to single mothers with qualifying income and circumstances. Other programs that may be available include an energy assistance program, weatherization assistance, and a program that helps with early childhood development. Each program will have a different qualification process and not all applicants will be granted assistance.
Food Assistance for Single Mothers in Georgia
The most beneficial program for assistance for single mothers in Georgia is the Georgia Food Stamp program. This program is available to single mothers and low income families with qualifying income and household expenses. Eligibility requirements must meet or be below poverty level standards. The allotted benefits for this program will vary for each household. A specific amount per person is adjusted depending on the qualifying factors within the home.
WIC is another program that is available for qualifying families or single mothers in Georgia. This program helps to provide nutritious juices and foods for children that are age five or younger. Formula, baby food and baby cereal are items that are included in the approved foods list. Other foods that are part of this program are milk, cheese, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, eggs, peanut butter and juice.
To qualify for WIC assistance and/or Food Stamps an applicant must have proof of income or proof of no income, birth certificates for all household members, proof of residency, utility bills, rental lease or mortgage statements, bank statements and other documentation required for the qualification process. Applicants that do not meet the requirements for these programs may be referred to other programs such as food banks or local churches.
There is a program in Georgia that assists low income families and single mothers in providing healthy breakfasts and lunches for school aged children. Free or low cost meals will be furnished by a child’s school if the income of the home qualifies. An example of the income requirements is that a family of four cannot exceed $40,793 in gross income. Families can apply within their child’s school for the Georgia School Breakfast and Lunch Program.
The Georgia Special Milk Program helps to provide milk to children of low income families in schools. Children that qualify for this program will receive free milk during school meals. Income restrictions do apply. Low income families can apply for this program through their children’s school. The same income restrictions apply for this program as the Georgia School Breakfast and Lunch Program.
An additional program offering assistance for single mothers in Georgia is the Georgia Summer Foods Program. Again, this is an income qualifying program. It helps single mothers and low income families to have healthy foods for their children during the non-school months. Children of qualifying families for this program must be 18 or younger.
Education Programs for Children
Education assistance for single mothers in Georgia to provide quality early childhood development is available. Georgia has a fantastic Head Start program. Qualifying families will receive free learning programs via Head Start for their children. This program is for children that are not school aged, meaning that Head Start is for preschool aged children between the ages of four and five years old.
Head Start is available in 157 of the 159 existing counties in Georgia. As a national program, three quarters of a million children are helped each year with the Head Start program. Income requirements are very strict. For a family of four, the annual gross income cannot exceed $29,965. Self-sufficiency goal assessments for parents are part of this program. It helps you to track progress toward becoming more financially secure and able to provide for your family without assistance.
Healthcare Programs in Georgia
There are two healthcare programs, which offers assistance for single mothers in Georgia. Medicaid is the most well known program. The other program is Georgia PeachCare for Kids. Medicaid can be whole family coverage should the entire family qualify. Strict income requirements and other circumstances are in place for the qualification process for Medicaid acceptance. There is no guarantee that a family or individual will receive Medicaid. All program specifications must be met to qualify.
PeachCare for Kids began in 1999. It is designed to provide children of single mothers or low-income families with healthcare and medical coverage. The services included in the PeachCare program are immunizations, office visits, dental, vision, specialist care, mental/behavioral health, emergency room or hospitalization and prescription medications. Children that are age five or younger qualify for a $0 co-pay. For a single child family with a child that is age six or above, the premium begins at $10. An increased premium of $15 or $20 will be assessed to families with two or more children that are age six or above depending on the household income.
Energy and Other Assistance for Single Mothers in Georgia
Georgia does have a couple of programs to assist single mothers or low income families to provide energy for their homes. This program helps to provide fuel that produces energy in homes for low income families. The income requirements for this program are slightly higher at $44,100 annual gross income for a family of four. Assistance amounts do vary for each family. Funds are sent directly to the fuel provider for this program.
Single mothers and low income families may also qualify for the Georgia Weatherization Program. This program helps to make a home more energy efficient. It is available in an effort to reduce the heating, cooling and energy costs within a home. There are income requirements with this program as well as any other. It is designed to aid extremely low-income families only. A family of four cannot gross more than $33,075 annually. To apply or inquire about this program, contact the local Community Action Agency servicing your area.
Georgia TANF is a cash assistance program available to qualifying single mothers and low or no income families. The financial requirements for this program state that you must be unemployed, about to become unemployed or must be under-employed working for very low wages. This is a temporary program to assist needy families to get back on their feet. A small amount of funds will be allotted to qualifying families each month for a restricted period of time. These funds are to go toward utilities, rent and necessities.

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