Assistance for Single Mothers in Florida

Assistance for single mothers in Florida is rather plentiful. There are a variety of programs available in many categories. More than one program is available for help with maintaining or obtaining shelter. There are several programs for food assistance and health coverage including a discount prescription card. Each program will have separate requirements and qualification processes. Not all applicants are guaranteed to be approved.
Housing Assistance
Assistance for single mothers in Florida to provide shelter for their children may be available to qualifying applicants. There are many shelters available for homeless families. One time grants are offered to low income or under employed single mothers and families to aid in avoiding foreclosure, eviction or to obtain adequate housing. The Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program or EFAHP, can award single mothers or families with a grant to obtain shelter if you are without or have lost a home due to a disaster. This program also assists in preventing eviction or foreclosure due to non-payment of rent or mortgages.
Florida’s State Government does have a foreclosure prevention program as well. Qualifying applicants can save their home from being foreclosed on with the help of the state government by way of a grant. This is a one time opportunity. There are 23 separate organizations that are part of this program. Contact your local government office for further information for the agency closest to you.
Medical Assistance for Single Mothers in Florida
Healthcare is a common worry among single mothers and low income families. Florida has several options to help the children of single mothers and low income families to receive the medical attention that they need. A discount prescription card is available to all Florida residents that are not covered by private insurance and/or Medicaid/Medicare. Providing healthcare for your family is not always something that can be done financially.
A discount healthcare plan is available for children under the age of 19. This is a low cost plan that will cover qualified children of single mothers and low income families. To qualify for the FloridaKid Care program, call 888-540-5437. Not all applicants will qualify.
Medicaid is available to under-employed and extremely low income households. Strict income restrictions apply. There may be instances where some family members are accepted and others are not. With the growing need for medical coverage, the state must enforce more strict guidelines for acceptance.
Food and Nutrition Assistance for Single Mothers in Florida
Assistance for single mothers in Florida in regards to food and nutrition is plentiful. Many programs are available to provide families with the necessary food items that they need to provide a balanced meal for their children. Food stamps aren’t the only avenue for food assistance. There are hundreds of food banks and food pantries throughout the state of Florida. WIC is also available to qualifying families.
SNAP is Florida’s Food Stamp program. Single mothers with qualifying income and low income families may qualify for this assistance program. A specific dollar amount is assigned each month to qualifying applicants and is placed on a debit like card. These funds can only be used for food items. Each family or applicant may receive a different amount in aid per month due to their income level and household living expenses. Not all applicants will receive this assistance.
WIC is a program for single and young mothers with children ages five and younger. This program is a bit more lenient when it comes to income qualifications. Some WIC offices may have diapers available from time to time along with a few clothing items that are donated from local communities. Food items such as formula, baby cereal, baby food, milk, cheese, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, cereal and peanut butter are included items in this program.
Florida does have a special food stamp program called SUNCAP. It is for Florida residents that receive SSI Payments. Qualifications for this program must pass the income restrictions along with the household living expense requirements for the state.
There are thousands of Food Banks and Food Pantries throughout the state of Florida. Your local DCF office can provide a list of available locations in your local area. Some of these locations may require proof of income or proof of residency. These are donated food items or government provided items.
Childcare and Other Assistance for Single Mothers in Florida Programs
There are programs for assistance for single mothers in Florida in regards to childcare. Many single mothers cannot afford childcare for their young children while they work to provide shelter and necessities for their families. DCF will have the available programs that apply to your situation available.
Lifeline is a program for Florida residents that are on other assistance programs. This is a phone service that will provide either a $13.50 credit on an existing phone service or 60 free cell minutes per month for emergency purposes. This program is provided by Safelink. Interest individuals can call 1-800-342-3552 for program details and requirements.
A weatherization program is also available to Florida homeowners. This program assists in safeguarding homes for the extreme weather conditions that can occur in Florida. Homeowners must qualify for this program and meet the requirements set in place. The program is funded by the United States Department of Energy. Qualifying income is listed as families whose income does not exceed 200 percent of the national poverty level. The types of items that are included in the weatherization program are repairing or replacing water heaters, heating and/or cooling systems, insulation installation, air ventilation, and the application of solar reflective coating for manufactured homes. This program also addresses weather stripping, caulking, small wall repairs and window and/or door replacement. The items to be completed in a home will be decided on following a proper inspection. The application process for this program begins with contacting the local Weatherization Office.
Florida has a total of 23 state and government funded programs to help struggling families. This does not include the independent programs provided by Salvation Army and local agencies. If you do not qualify for assistance through a state or government funded program and are facing utility disconnection or eviction, contact your local Salvation Army. If they cannot provide assistance, they can direct you to other local agencies that may be able to provide assistance. Assistance for single mothers in Florida is all around you. Local groups may be available to swap clothing for properly fitting items for your children.

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