Assistance for Single Mothers in Connecticut

For single mothers who need help with food, shelter or even money, there is assistance for single mothers in Connecticut available to those who qualify. In order to qualify for the different types of assistance, once must fall in the necessary income requirements.

Housing Assistance

Housing assistance is offered by many different places and organizations for single mothers that are in need. A few places that are often opening their doors to help single mothers find a stable and safe living situation include:

1. Action For Bridgeport Community Development ” This is located at 1070 Park Ave. Bridgeport, CT. Those who are looking for assistance for single mothers in Connecticut and can prove that they have the ability to rent an apartment can find help with their payment for the first month’s rent. To find more information, mothers can call 203-366-8241.

2. Breast Cancer Emergency Aid Fund ” This fund is for single mothers who need assistance and have suffered from breast cancer. This fund has a limited amount of resources, but they do help with utilities, rent and even transportation. They are located at P.O. Box 616 Westport, CT and can be reached by calling 203-221-0182.

3. City Of Bridgeport ” Health and Social Services ” This help is available for those who are in danger of becoming homeless or are already homeless. This includes people who are close to being evicted from their current home, those who are leaving a dangerous living situation such as domestic violence and those who were living in a home that is no longer livable. These people can find help with finding a home, finding food and paying for some medical needs. They are located at 752 East Main St. Bridgeport, CT and can be reached at 203-332-3023.

There are also many other options that are available for those single mothers in Connecticut that need help with finding a home. These include Hamden Housing Authority Section 8, Planned Community Living Inc., Bethsaida Community, Inc., and many more.

Food Assistance

There is also a large amount of assistance for single mothers in Connecticut available for those who are in need of food. This includes those who are without a job and cannot pay for food, those who have a very low paying job, and those who are homeless.

1. Connecticut Social Services ” Southern Regional Office, New Haven ” For those located in or near New Haven, the Connecticut social services has a program designed to help those needing food. This includes both cash assistance and food stamps. There is an application that will need to be filled out in order to be approved. Their offices are located at 194 Bassett St. New Haven, CT and they can be reached by phone at 203-974-8000.

2. Thames Valley Council For Community Action ” New London ” These services offer not only food but housing services, childcare, foster grandparents, eviction prevention, and so much more. Single mothers who are economically disadvantaged can find much help here, especially with finding and paying for food. They are located at 79 Huntington St. New London, CT. For more information on their programs, mothers can call 860-444-0006.

3. Operation Huge ” Soup Kitchen/Shelter ” This shelter provides a temporary living environment along with a soup kitchen and other food assistance for single mothers and their children that are in need. This soup kitchen and shelter are located at 50 Nichols St. Fairfield, CT ” 06824 and is open to those who live in or around the same area. There is a food pantry, as well, so mothers are able to visit and pick from a selection of free food. They can be called at 203-292-5588.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Another program that offers assistance for single mothers in Connecticut is TANF. TANF is a very popular program that is offered to single mothers in Connecticut. TANF, also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families has been helping mothers’ since1996. With this program, the family is helped so that the children can remain in their home or the home of a family member and be cared for properly. They help single mothers find a job and provide for their self and their kids. Single mothers can learn more about this program by contacting their local department of social services.

The Connecticut Department of Social Services

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the main source of assistance of single mothers. This is also known as SNAP. SNAP is the sole provider of food stamps for single mothers. They work to provide single mothers with the money needed to provide healthy food for their children and their self.

The Connecticut Department of Social Services also makes it possible for mothers to find health care for their entire family. This includes insurances that cover the cost of most doctor bills, many medications and all emergency care.

Another program ran by the Connecticut Department of Social is called Care 4 Kids. This program offers safe and dependable childcare for children of single mothers who are in need. If the mother falls within the required income limits, they will be eligible for this service.

The Rent Assistance Program is another large program that is run by the Connecticut Department of Social Services. This helps needy single mothers and their children to be able to afford to rent an apartment or house that will be clean and safe for them to live in.

Education grants are also available to all single mothers who qualify. This allows the mother to further her education, which will also help her find a job and have the ability to provide for her family.

The large amount of assistance for single mothers in Connecticut is available to all who are eligible. Single mothers can contact and department of social services in any town for more information. Most programs do have a limit on how much assistance can be taken and they have specific requirements for each individual. Housing assistance, food assistance, childcare assistance, addiction prevention, money assistance and many other programs have been made available to single mothers alike.

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