Assistance for Single Mothers in California

Several programs are available for assistance for single mothers in California. These programs do have strict requirements mostly pertaining to income. Each program will have different requirements. This article will explain what each program is and will include the requirements listed. California has great programs available to help struggling families. These programs stem from childcare assistance to transportation assistance. These programs are available due to state, federal and local funding.
Childcare Assistance for Single Mothers in California
There are various childcare assistance programs available for single mothers in the state of California. Each program requires an eligibility screening process. Each program has a different process. Most programs do, however, require the same information for eligibility qualification. The CalWorks Program is set up for assistance for single mothers in California regarding childcare. For this program, full time employment is required. The program is funded by cash aid from state and federal resources. The agencies that participate in this program are screened and deemed safe by the State of California.
Income requirements must be satisfied within the program guidelines in order to qualify. Eligible mothers will receive information from their local Welfare office with the necessary steps required to enter into this program. Acceptance into the CalWorks program aids in the acceptance into the TANF program as well. These programs are designed to provide low cost or free childcare to qualifying families.
Nutrition Assistance Programs
One of the largest food assistance programs in California is Food Stamps. Food assistance for single mothers in California is available through several programs. For the food stamp program, the household income must be at or below poverty level. The household bills, which are accepted by the state, must exceed or nearly exceed the amount of income allotted for the qualifying number of family members as well. Each family that is accepted for the food stamp program will be allotted a different amount of funds depending on their family size and income. The food stamp program has been renamed the CalFresh Program.
Other food assistance programs for needy or low-income families in California include the WIC program and many food banks. The WIC program is designed to help single mothers or low-income families to provide nutritious food items for their children. The WIC program includes food items such as baby formula, baby cereal, rice, cereal, juices, fruits, vegetables, cheese, peanut butter and milk to name a few items. This program is available to single mothers and parents of children that are age five and younger.
The local welfare office will have a list of available food banks that service the area that a family lives in. Food banks are available to help families in emergency situations with enough food for a few days, up to a week depending on their guidelines. Some food banks may allow a family that is on the Food Stamp program or WIC program to obtain food more than once per month. Some food banks will restrict their services to non-food stamp receiving families. The guidelines and restrictions for these services will be listed in their printed information. The USDA supports and organizes many of the food banks in California.
Healthcare Assistance
There are two healthcare programs for assistance for single mothers in California that are available. The first program is the CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation. The second is the California Children’s Health Insurance Program. The CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation is designed to provide low cost health and dental programs to children of qualifying single mothers or parents. The rate for this program is $75.00 per child per month for qualifying families. The services included are medical, dental, behavioral health and prescription coverage. The application for this program can be found on the website for the CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation. It can be filled out online or printed and mailed in. Income restrictions do apply for this program. Children between the ages of two and eighteen with qualifying parental income qualify.
Medicaid is the other healthcare program available to single mothers and qualifying families in the state of California. In some cases, only the children of the family will be covered. California is dedicated to making sure that children are able to receive necessary and proper medical care. There are guidelines that must be met in order to qualify for and receive Medicaid. Specific income restrictions are in place. The household income figured with the general household expenses determine eligibility. Some of the documentation required for the Medicaid application process are income verification or proof of lack of income, rental leases or mortgage statements, birth certificates of all household members, bank statements and other required documentation listed on the application form. All of the necessary paperwork must be complete and turned in before any determination of eligibility can be made.
Assistance with Transportation, Rent and Education
Rental and housing programs for assistance for single mothers in California are available to qualifying households. These programs are generally federally funded and have strict guidelines. Section 8 and HUD Housing programs are available for single mothers and very low income families that meet or are below poverty level standards. Some of these programs may have a waiting list.
Basic rental assistance may be available to prevent eviction through local services. These assistance programs do generally require that an eviction notice be received prior to asking for rental help. Funds may not always be available with every service, it is best to contact the larger organizations first, such as Salvation Army.
Transportation assistance may be available to and from medical appointments through the state funded Medicaid and CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation for those that qualify. In some cases, transportation assistance may be available to and/or from work. These programs are usually very limited as the cost of transportation continues to rise.
Assistance for single mothers in California to further or better their education can be available. Education grant programs for single mothers can be researched for their availability with the help of a Social Worker or Education Counselor. Both of these can be made available by a Caseworker with the Welfare department

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