Assistance for Single Mothers in Alaska

Single moms have it more difficult than most two parent families. They often struggle financially to just pay for the most basic needs that they have and that their family has. It can be difficult to get and keep a job, simply because they do not have quality and dependable child care. It can be difficult to find a safe place to live that is big enough for your family. Healthcare may not be offered by your employer or you may not be able to afford it and pay for food and basic bills. All of these may be worries that you, as a single mom in Alaska, have, but there may be programs that you can take advantage of to take some of the stress out of parenting on your own.
Food Help
Groceries can be very expensive, especially if you want to feed your children fresh fruits and vegetables. Parents want to feed their children in a healthy way, simply because it can keep them healthier, but money can hold them back from affording the more fresh foods that are necessary for good health. Alaska offers a food stamp program that can cover the majority of your groceries to allow you to use that money for other necessary bills. Applicants have to meet certain requirements, but it can make a big difference in how well that your family is able to eat. Learning more about the requirements and application process, you can visit here:
Housing Help
One of the most stressful parts of being a single mom is finding some place to live where you and your children are safe, and that you can afford. This combination is difficult to find in most areas of the country, including Alaska, but there are programs that can subsidize your housing costs to help bring your payments down to a comfortable level and that will be in a safe neighborhood. Housing Choice Voucher programs can allow you to find a home in a good neighborhood and pay lower than normal payments for high quality housing. The Alaska Public Housing Centre is especially for single moms and they work with people just like you to offer subsidies to get you and your family a safe place to live. To see what housing programs are available, you can go to
Utility Bill Help
When you have a home, one of the bills that may be difficult to pin down as far as amount you have to pay each month. In Alaska, winter can be very severe and this can cause your utility bills to sky rocket. If you are having problems paying your utilities and are afraid that you are going to have your service cut off, there are programs to help you. If you are worried about your utility bills, visit: and determine what kind of help that you can get.
Childcare Help
If you do not have childcare that you can trust, you may not be able to work. Getting a job that pays a decent amount of money means that you have to have childcare that is dependable. This can be quite expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a childcare subsidy program in Alaska that is known as the PASS or Parents Achieving Self Sufficiency program. It is broken down into three different phases that vary depending upon where you are in your participation or training with a work or school program. If you don’t meet the requirements ( for this program, there are other programs to help you to find more affordable child care, including helping you to find more affordable daycare programs in your area.
Money Help
Everyone needs more money, but single moms are often struggling to survive and keep their bills paid. The Alaska Temporary Assistance Program or ATAP can be your solution for financial assistance and it can help you to get a job to allow you to get back on your feet. This is a temporary program, but it can come in quite helpful if you are struggling taking care of you and your family. Requirements and forms that are needed for the ATAP program can be found at:
Education Help
Most single moms think that there is no way that they or their children can go to school, because the money is just not there. The state of Alaska has many different programs in place to help fund educational pursuits. Scholarships are widely available to a wide variety of programs and colleges in the state and out of the state. The best way to learn more is by visiting the local college or calling the university that you are considering and talking to their financial aid office. They can give you the right direction to getting the funds you need for you or your child to go to school.
Health Help
When you are a single mom, you may have a job that does not offer health insurance or you may not be able to afford having it taken out of your account. Denaldi Kidcare offers insurance for children under the age of 18, as well as pregnant women, who meet their guidelines. Both working and non-working families are eligible if they meet certain income guidelines that are based around the poverty level and the size of your family. Healthcare is a very important part of taking care of your family and you can find more information on:
Single moms don’t have to do without just to survive. Whether you need assistance with your housing search, educational funding, healthcare, food, or simply need some money, there are a wide variety of different Alaska programs that can help. By doing a little research beforehand, you can determine what programs that you need and are eligible for. In addition, you can fill out the applications that you need. This can save you time and it can get you the assistance that you need for you and your family.

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